Joseph Kosinski (Saab ‘Blackbird’) To Make Racing Film With Cruise, Pitt


Saab fans might recall a short film clip called Blackbird, featuring Saab’s Aero-X concept car.

The clip was made in 2007 by a guy named Joseph Kosinski. Here it is.

I can still remember the hype in the Saab community at the time this clip was made.

Was it commissioned by Saab? (No)

Will Saab buy it and use it as an ad? (No, sadly)

Basically, it was just a self-promotional effort on Kosinski’s part to showcase his talent. It sure did look good, though, and it obviously helped Kosinski because in the six years since, he’s gone on to be involved in several feature films: 2010’s Tron: Legacy and 2013’s Oblivion.

Now, Autoblog are reporting that Kosinski has signed on to direct a film called Go Like Hell with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the leading roles. The film is apparently a Rush-like re-telling of the Le Mans campaigns that saw Ford take on Ferrari in the 1960’s.

For reasons Rich Hall sums up best, I’m always cynical about a film with Tom Cruise in it. But then I felt the same twinge of doubt about Hemsworth in Rush and that turned out to be my favourite film of 2013, so I’ll await this one with fingers crossed and hope for the best.


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