Fantasy Friday (On Monday) – Saab 99 EMS


I’ve had a few emails about this one in the last 24 hours so I better put this up on site to

  1. stem the flow
  2. let you all know about this rather nice Saab 99 EMS for sale

Saab99EMS-1You don’t see many EMS’s come up for sale nowadays, especially presenting as nicely as this one does in the photos. So yes, it’s relatively rare but that’s not the reason people are emailing me. The reason for that is because this car is for sale in my home town – Hobart.

I should stress right from the get-go: I don’t know this car. I haven’t seen it before, as far as I know, and I don’t recognise the handle of the Ebay seller. Maybe, if we met, it would turn out that I do know the person, but at this point I’m drawing a rather large blank.

Consequence – anyone looking for some info on this car should do their homework and contact the seller. I can’t help. I can tell you that if you want a pre-purchase inspection, the guy to contact is Steve Eyles at Hobart Automotive on 03 62347777. Steve did his apprenticeship on these cars and has been working on Saabs his whole life.

Saab99EMS-5From the ad, it certainly looks like a good example. The odometer is showing just 78,000kms, which is nice, low mileage. The only proviso is that service sticker in the photos below. It shows that the next service is due at 85,000 and the last service was some time in 1994. That’s twenty years of inaction so this car will definitely need some care and attention before being driven a long way.

The upside is that the car looks – from the photos – as if it’s wonderfully preserved. The paint looks pretty even, the soccerball rims are nice and the seats show no visible signs of tearing. The only thing I’d want to change is the steering wheel, which I’d swap out for a period three-spoke Saab Sport and Rally wheel.

The Saab 99 EMS is for sale on Ebay right now. Bidding ends at 6pm on February 1 and the current price is $2,600 (7 bids).

Gallery below.



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  1. Opportunities to buy a great example of such a pivotal vehicle do not come around very often. At the price of AUS$2600 (current bid), it’s a real steal. Here’s hoping it goes to a good home.

  2. wow, thats interesting! I’ll be keeping an eye on it. Depending how far it jumps it could be a very good buy. There are probably enough Saab fans out there to drive the price up a bit, but it’s by no means the populist choice.. Would expect it to hit 6-8k though?

    1. If I had the space and the money, I’d look somewhere up to $5K. North of that and someone’s overpaying IMHO. Depends on whether this is your bag. If it is, then $6K and up might be OK, but that’s good condition Turbo territory for me.

      1. I’m beginning to feel a bit too late to the party..! There was a lovely silver 1600 Junior at the beach (Coogee) yesterday, but I don’t think they’ve quite the same character. More beautiful, for sure, but I’m not sure they get the same write up when it comes to driving?

  3. I’d bet on it topping out at around $4K. I certainly would have noticed this car if I’d ever seen it, but it has obviously been stored for some time, very nice indeed. I wish, but not these days.

    1. Wow. The Turbo? Body must have been great on it given the mechanicals were untouched for so long. Good price.

  4. An “identical” 1974 EMS (69,000kms and same colour and rust-free condition) just sold here in Canada on e-Bay for $4900CAD.

      1. We do have a longstanding tradition of having summer cars that get put away before the first snow. The flip side of that tradition is the winter beater.

  5. A single owner 1977 99 GL just sold for $4000. Car spent it’s whole life in Canberra, it has full service history (dealer stamped log book, then Saab specialist receipts i.e. a very large folder of info) and the following accessories:
    – Saab Factory Roof Racks
    – Saab Factory Seat Covers
    – Saab Factory bonnet protector
    – Saab Factory headlight protectors
    – Saab Factory Rubber floor mats
    – Dealer Fitted am/fm cassette radio

    It has never been stored, and driven regularly by fanatical owners who never let the dash and carpets see the light of day.

    How do I know, I bought this car. It’s a time capsule that even amazed my mechanic (Stephen E).

    Thinking about the 99s I’ve own(ed)
    – 74 99 EMS (was someone’s Daily Driver)
    – 77 99 GL (was someone’s Daily Driver)
    – 78 99 Turbo (bought after it had sat for 15 years)

    I’d say I’d prefer a 99 that hasn’t sat for a long period of time, they don’t seem to like it (specially the k-jet). I’d imagine that this car will have a fair bit of work needed to get it in top shape (of course I’ve not seen the car so could be wrong).

    I think we have entered the period where 99s are going up in value. In 2007 I struggled to sell my immaculate 74 99 EMS for $1500, today it’d go for a lot more (this ebay ad is a good example).

    1. The ‘barn find’ moniker has been overblown a bit in the last few years, hasn’t it?

      It’s good for rare things that are hard to find and turn up out of the blue, unexpected. There’s a romance to that. A guy just putting a car away for 20 years isn’t a barn find. It’s basically just a neglected car in some respects and as you say, will probably take some serious work to get going reliably. With this car, a buyer would want the driving experience to match the presentation of the car.

      Your recent 99 purchase sounds like it’s been treated the right way. Preserved through use.

      Just checked up and the car is still sitting at 2,600 with 7 bids on.

  6. I owned 2 1976 99 EMS cars between 1988 and 1995. Both were silver and had a nice little leather bound sports steering wheel. Unfortunately the sports steering wheel made the steering rather heavy as it was a smaller wheel and the EMS had a faster ratio steering box. 1975 models had the normal steering wheel like the one pictured.

  7. Well, it’s stalled at 3k. I’m looking forward to the mad rush before it ends tomorrow – I’ve seen this car listed in a few places so I reckon interest in it has been stoked.

    1. A little above my expectation, but fair, I think.

      Congratulations to the seller. And the buyer.