Fantasy Friday: NG Saab 9-5 V6 XWD Wagon (i.e. Unicorn For Sale)

[hr] [dropcap]S[/dropcap]aabs were only produced under Spyker’s ownership for a period of 15 months or so and the company released two all-new models in that time – the 9-5 and the 9-4x.

Given its short production run prior to bankruptcy, a new generation Saab 9-5 – even in sedan form – is a reasonably rare thing. A Saab 9-4x is even rarer because GM pulled the manufacturing rug out from under Saab’s feet pretty soon after production commenced.

The genuine rocking-horse-poo rarity award, however, has to go to the Saab 9-5 SportCombi, or wagon, in common parlance. Only 27 of them received serial numbers and they were never officially sold by Saab Automobile to paying customers. They were eventually sold at auction by Saab’s bankruptcy administrators to various cashed-up enthusiasts, a number of whom have done the hard yards to register them in various countries around Europe.

Given it’s rarity, then, any NG Saab 9-5 SportCombi is of definite interest to a Saab fan. But at what price?

Well, one that’s just come up for sale might just be the genuine unicorn amongst the bunch and the seller’s asking a pretty penny for it, too. This is not only one-of-just-twenty-seven made (#21, actually), it’s reported to be the only one with a V6 engine.

This will be an interesting sale to watch and therefore gauge the collectability of rare Saabs. There would have been a reasonable cost incurred in purchasing this car and getting it complied for registration. But will anyone be willing to shell out the €84155 asking price? That’s €70,000 plus 19% VAT so it’s possible a non-European might pick it up VAT-free, but then they might not be able to drive it and that’s a lot of money for a show car with minimal established show appeal outside Saab circles.

As mentioned, the car has a 300hp V6 engine, coupled to an automatic transmission. It’s finished in Java Brown Metallic with black full leather interior. Those with a keen eye will also spot the XWD badge on the rear tailgate AND a Hirsch badge, too. It’s an Aero model and seems to be carrying every bit of equipment that Saab could pack into the car. It has leather steering wheel, satnav, 20-inch Hirsch wheels (original 18″ wheels come with it, too), Xenon headlamps and Saab’s optional U-rail system in the back.

The car seems to have enjoyed an active life already, having clocked up some 50,000kms on its odometer.

This Saab 9-5 XWD Aero SportCombi is currently for sale in Germany. The ad is online at

Kudos to the guys at Saabworld for spotting it.


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  1. That is an AWFUL lot of money. 84,000 Euros would bring a brand-new Audi S4 Avant (hotted-up AWD wagon) with enough left over for a brand-new A3 Sportback for your other garage. That’s a LOT of jack.

    1. To be fair, you can’t compare the value of a car that is “one of one” with mass-market cars. That being said, 84,000 Euros is the price of an S6 Avant with a few options.

  2. The NG 9-5 wagon is just a butt ugly car. The rear just doesn’t work… the extra roof just pasted on the sedan lines.

    1. 9-5 wagons have always used that style and those Saab fans that liked the design of the new NG 9-5 sedan would disagree with you, I think. I have seen countless comments of people who wished this model still existed so they could buy it. They love the way it looks.

      1. But the OG 9-5 wagon lines did work… it was a much more attractive vehicle.

        OK, I’m sure the look has fans. There are also web sites dedicated to admiring the Pontiac Aztek.

        There is a part of me that sees anything named a Saab as attractive, but the NG 9-5 wagon is just a bridge too far…

        1. I first saw the 9-5 wagon early 2011 on a visit to Trollhattan after the Geneva show, just before I went to work for Saab. It was out the back of the museum and the car was white. My first impression was not positive and it was because of the relatively poor resolution around the rear window. I think it stands out less in darker colours but it’s still a bugbear of mine. The car was still very popular at motor shows, however. It was shown in New York in April 2011 and as a friend mentioned the other day (G’day Pierre), it was possibly the most popular car on the stand, more popular than the 9-4x and giving PhoeniX a good run for its money.

  3. The NG 9-5SC was going to be my next car. What will I do when my 2005 9-5SC reaches the end of the road as my main means of transport? The current 9-3 is too small for my needs (rear leg room is tight and my dog crate wont fit in the boot). Perhaps a new Phoenix based model will be more space efficient but how I wish Nevs could come to an agreement with GM to build the NG9-5.

  4. Lower that steering wheel. It look ridiculous when set that high 🙂 A bit sad it never launched. I bet it would have sold a great lot more than the sedan. A lot of people where saving their money for the wagon. Still, I think the sedan picked up the pace fairly well until everything hit all stop. Too bad Mahindra never bought SAAB. THAT would have been a ride!