Poll results: Automotive Interests for 2014

[hr] [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he polls in my previous post have certainly provided a mixed set of numbers and it’s hard to get a proper handle on what people are planning to do in 2014. I guess you can tell that I don’t do statistics for a living 🙂

The first poll asked what peoples’ prime automotive interest will be this year.

The results:


If you’re adding the percentages for that poll and scratching your head, bear in mind that voters could choose two options of the five available.

My two responses are in bold type.

So what we see there are a lot of people still planning to stick with their Saabs, either old or new. We Saab fans do have an uncommon loyal streak. I’ll keep our 9000 Aero for as long as it runs and as long as its economically sensible to repair. After that, who knows? Maybe a 9-5 Wagon, maybe something else. We’ll see.

But it sounds as if a lot of people are going to hold on to their Saabs regardless of whether the cars are old or young. That makes sense. You get a lot of car for your money, which is a kind way of saying that they don’t sell for a lot, regardless of specification. A Saab is always worth a lot more to its current owner than anyone else.

Some will update their vehicles, however, and most who indicated that they will buy something in 2014 also indicated that that car wouldn’t be a Saab.


Again, you can see my vote in bold. Should circumstances permit it this year, I’ll look for either a Lancia Fulvia or an Alfa 33 or Sprint.

The numbers for Saab are not so surprising given the number of people still interested in owning a Saab according Poll #1. In fact, the top 3 responses were all as I thought they would be.

A lot of people I correspond with talk about replacing their Saabs with a Volvo and it makes sense. Modern Volvos have a much sportier, more contemporary feel than the Ovlov’s we used to make fun of. The partnership with Polestar certainly helps. But bottom line: they’re Swedish, they’re safe, they’re generally well appointed and you can buy one that goes pretty darn quick if you want to.

The number of potential Jaguar owners is interesting. Saab fans would be surprised at the number of former Saab employees now working for Jaguar Land Rover, particularly in the marketing and sales divisions. Quite a few key Saab people are there now.


There’s little surprising here. A number of people are staying the course and a number of people are moving on. I can well understand both situations as I’m in between both of them myself. Personally speaking, I’ve already moved on, but we have a 9000 Aero at home that has been a bit disappointing but will continue to serve us for a long time to come.

I think Andrew Robertson expressed the whole situation pretty well in comments:

It appears from what is being offered here that those with Saabs that are running well will keep them going for a fair while longer. The emotive element still remains strong for many to some degree at least and clearly more for some than others it seems, and no-one has really bonded with NEVS despite what they have done in recent times. Why do I feel a bit ambivalent? I struggle with that to be honest. On one hand I have huge brand loyalty and on the other I can’t see where things are going with any certainty to have any sense of direction. It would be good to get more information from NEVS to hang off. It would also be good to see a car that you can announce to your skeptical mates that “we’re back!” But I can’t…I’d like to though and have some sense of validation that the cars I own and drive have potential longevity for the future. Maybe that’s it. Just hanging out for the future…

Whether people plan to hold on to a Saab for good or not, we’re all pretty interested and…. well…. hanging out for the future.

Thanks for your thoughts and participation.

If you’re a Saab owner and you do buy something through the year, please feel free to drop me a line and let us know why you bought whatever you end up buying, Saab or otherwise.


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  1. Even though I said we’d be replacing the Saab with a used Volvo V70 sometime this year, the announcement that Volvo will be offering Polestar versions of the V60/S60 to us Yanks around June of this year is mighty tempting (http://wot.motortrend.com/1311_coming_to_america_volvo_v60_polestar_is_one_wicked_wagon.html). I haven’t seen pricing for it yet but I imagine one of those Rebel Blue V60s will cost more than a fully kitted out XC70, which makes the used V70 all the more likely.

    1. That’s a great looking wagon! I’m very happy to see Volvo wagons coming back to the States! A V60 (probably not this particular model, unfortunately) will probably be my wife’s next car.

      1. Looks very nice! But….sounds like only automatic transmission? I thought the “fast” version would have option of manual or auto.

  2. Sorry I missed the poll, but I can see my opinion was with the majority. My wife and I have 95 Aeros. Mine a 2001 manual trans with good tune to something like 275HP. Hers and automatic 2003. In addition my 2 sons bought 95 Aero wagons last year which I also maintain. We 4 Aeros in the family we must love Saabs! As others have pointed out we understand the value in these great cars and it is nice to drive a great car that is NOT a BMW or MB, or Volvo in CA.

    I have a great indy for the big jobs and Saabnet and Saabcentral are great sites full of maintenance ideas and help. I truly enjoy working on these great cars.

    No plans to sell any of them in the near for far future.
    A new car makes no economic sense……..would be tempting if Saabs were not so satisfying, fun to drive, safe, and just plain different in a great way.

    I am not about to buy a new classic in the near future. If I did, I might want a classic 900 [I have had 4 of those] again. Maybe a 1959 93b………..

    But I have satisfied my classic car jones with a 1973 Porsche 911 which I really enjoy and had been on my list for years.

    Swade great poll I am comforted in being in the mainstream of Saab nuts.

    Your dream of a 95 wagon is a good one…..they are great cars……make it and Aero!

  3. I have been looking at other options, in case the need arises, but I just can’t find anything out there now that is as practical, safe and fun to drive as my 9-3 hatchback. Plenty of options can be both a daily driver and have cargo space, but they are not as fun to drive. Cars that are fun to drive either lack the cargo space or are not as safe. So, when my 9-3 finally needed a new clutch and water pump last month (after 215k miles!) I opted to spend the $2k on that with my local Saab indy and now can still drive my MapTun’d stage 1 hatchback for several more years for much less than new car payments.

    As you say, a Saab is worth more to its current owner than anyone else. If I were selling it, this would have not made sense, but I know this car inside and out and over the last two years, most wear and tear parts have been replaced. This should give me a couple more years to figure out what is next as my daily driver.

  4. I have owned quite a few SAABs bought new, both as company cars and privately. The latest was a 2008 95 Turbo Edition 1.9TiD estate. I am very interested in your observations about Jaguar and the impression that NEVS isn’t the SAAB we knew and loved because I decided to change to a Jaguar XF 2.2D PL last March. If SAAB had still been producing cars I would never have switched brands but I am now absolutely delighted with my choice. It strikes there is much similarity between the brands: both have loyal followings and actually have a strong value system underpinning what they do.

  5. NEVS is a sad joke for westerners.

    You are foolish to think they are in your corner or coming to a corner remotely near you.

    I don’t want the dream to die. How I wish it won’t. It’s one that is fought in waking slumber and accelerates through snowy back streets with agility and confidence.

    I love the brand and history even more so. I will never give up on what I have as it’s ever more important not to do so; parts availability be damned and damned once again.

    Saab is dead. Long live..Me. Long live my beautiful car.

    No Volvo. No Mazda. No false Buick prophet. No “next best thing.”

    I’m beyond pride to happily enjoy my car. It’s loved as much as a person can love such a wonderful machine.

    I won’t budge and I’m positive my now 14 year old Saab won’t either.

  6. My Saab 9-5 runs great and all of its problems are certainly repairable for money…theoretically one can repair anything and keep it running. I suppose it will come down to when it needs new shocks and struts that I can’t do myself ($$$) or some other large expense item.

    As an example of where I am in life.. currently I have the Xenon headlight dash warning light on whenever I use my head lights..but the xenon lights work fine.. I imagine its a level sensor or something… the cost to get rid of an annoying dash light may be hundreds. It’s not something I want
    to spend money on and certainly when I pick a new car I’m going to try to get less gadgets if I can.

    No idea what to get..been driving Saabs for years.