Qoros 3 – Best Car In EuroNCAP Test For 2013

[hr] [dropcap]I[/dropcap] haven’t written about Qoros since last July and before that, it was almost a year ago that I covered the Chinese/Israeli start-up. I like to keep an eye on their work because there are quite a few Saab people working for the company.

Qoros-3-Sedan-Euro-NCAPToday sees some surprising and pleasant news, with Qoros not only the best car in their class in EuroNCAP’s 2013 tests, they also had the best car over all, amongst all classes.

That means they did better than companies like Volvo and plenty of other established European marques, many of whom are traditionally renowned for their safety record over a long period of time. (see comments for explanation on deletion)

That’s pretty impressive.

The car involved was the Qoros 3, which is now on sale in China and has recently entered its first European market, in Slovakia.

Qoros will be showing a new vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show in March, with pundits saying it’s likely be either a 3 Hatch to complement the sedan or a production version of the 3 wagon shown in concept form last year. My money’s on the hatch.

Photos of the wagon have already circulated from when it was tested in Germany and the rear doesn’t match the teaser photos sent out by Qoros last week.

Here’s the teaser, top, and the wagon seen in German testing, below.



Qoros is off to a good start. I don’t know if their product is for me but their launch has shown – by far – the best Chinese brand new product to be offered in Western markets. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when they expand their push into other European countries.


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  1. Minor detail: there were no Volvo models tested by Euro Ncap in 2013, so to claim that Qoros did better than Volvo in 2013 is not fully correct. The Volvo V40 is still the safest car ever to have been tested by Euro Ncap.

  2. I’d love to see that product come stateside. It won’t (in the short term), of course, but handsome and, it appears, better engineered than most of what’s coming out of China.