Alfa Romeo 4C headlamp update

I can say it now:

The Alfa Romeo 4C is my new dream car. For real.

Yes, I can dare to dream about actually owning one of these, one day. It won’t be for 5 years or so, but I can really, really dream about it and know that it’s a genuine possibility, free from the dangers of vomit when I walk around the front of the car.

The Alfa Romeo 4C has already garnered a great reputation for the way it drives. It’s not quite a Cayman beater, but with the way (most of) it looks and that pure Alfa charm, it doesn’t have to be.

Those looks……


OK, don’t stare for too long at the headlamps.

It’s too late? You’ve already done it? They’ve ruined it for you?

See? That’s the problem with the 4C. For every gorgeous image like this…..


…… there’s a set of headlamps that look like this:




Countered by this…..


Sorry, I didn’t mean to show them up that close, and that often.

Really. I’m sorry.

Even this guy’s struggling with them….


But all that headlamp ugliness just goes to emphasise the greatness of today’s news from Alfa Romeo, which featured on Aussie motoring sites today:

Alfa Romeo 4C enthusiasts who love the coupe’s curves but are less besotted by its polarising headlights…

That would be me. And maybe some of you….

…. will be able to option in the more conventional clusters of the convertible Spider variant.

The 4C coupe’s eyes raised eyebrows when the production version debuted with unique exposed seven-lamp headlights at last year’s Geneva motor show.

Mixed feedback prompted a design rethink, and saw the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider concept debut earlier this month with conventionally arranged headlights with clear covers.

Alfa Romeo has confirmed the 4C coupe will be available to order with the Spider’s headlights as an option to the standard black-backed fixtures. The Spider will only be available with the conventional covered lights, however.


So instead of Mr Spidery-Googly-Eyes, the Alfa Romeo 4C will come out looking something a bit more like this, but with a roof:


I’m starting my savings campaign right now. The Alfa Romeo 4C will be mine, one day (unless it gains instant classic status and the price goes bonkers).

50th birthday present – here I come!!

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  1. I love your writing. And your use of pictures above is brilliant.
    And the car is also quite good. Now that they’ve fixed those spider eyes.

  2. I find it ironic that the the headlamps that do not look like spider eyes come from the Spider variant. I love a marketer’s idea of clarity. 😉

    But seriously, the 4C with the new headlamps is one beautiful car!

  3. A big improvement, for sure. But if you take a second look, they are quite derivative and bordering on ‘safe’. Lotus Exige, MX-5 do it better. Maybe it needed some bling around the edges with some LED highlights. A body that well styled needs something stronger in the face of the car. It’s all about balance of design. Just saying.