Petrolicious features Saab Sonett II

Petrolicious makes some of my favourite online car films. You can imagine the anticipation, then, when I saw that this week’s film featured a Saab Sonett II.

And it’s not any old Saab Sonett II (if there is such a thing). It’s a two-stroke Saab Sonett II, which is among the rarest of Swedes.

Here’s the film….


To be honest, I was a little disappointed with this. Not with the car or the owner, of course, but with Petrolicious. They set such high standards, but I can’t help but feel they fell short with this one.

The film’s too dark, for starters. There’s not enough of that glorious two stroke sound and is it just me, or was there another Sonett II sitting in Mr Roberts’ garage?!? There’s a story, right there.

For those who haven’t heard a Saab two-stroke in full flight, try this….


Congratulations to Glenn Roberts on having his absolutely wonderful Sonett featured on Petrolicious. Your car is magnificent and your story is the envy of many a Saab fan.

I just wish Petrolicious had done a little more with it.

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  1. I watched this yesterday, and the first thing I did after that was watch your ride in the Sonett I just to hear the sound. Great minds think alike. 🙂

    1. You’re a man who knows his strokers, Ted 🙂

      Anyone for whom that Petrolicious video was a first introduction to a Saab two-stroke would not even bother to wonder if there was a fuss about them, much less what it might be about.

      That’s why I’m glad the museum video exists, basic as it is.

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    Hats off to you for content… I much enjoy my fix of Swadeology.

    1. The previous theme was giving some people problems in certain browsers, hence the change. I’m sure it’ll change again some time in the future 🙂

      1. Also preferred the old theme (i know it was the default theme, albeit somewhat edited, so not that exciting a choice for you Steven!)

        1. Previous theme wasn’t a default one, actually. It was one called Hueman written by a Swedish guy. As mentioned, it wasn’t rendering properly across some browsers or devices. One guy couldn’t see the site at all.

          Not totally happy with this one, but it seems to be rendering nicely and behaving on iPad.

          1. Sorry, thought it was the same as the newest default theme in wp!

            Websites are always a work in progress – I should know, it’s my job!

      2. Makes me wonder. WordPress blogs crash my Chromium and Chrome browsers (Linux) if I log in to comment, and always crash thereafter, so I use Firefox just for those blogs. I set up a blog for fun for my MC850 restoration ( and my own blog crashes those browsers! Can’t figure out what WordPress does to cause that.

  3. IMHO, the 2 stroke Sonett is THE production model to have. Way more fun than that industrial V-4 motor and so light and nimble! I can’t look at your header pic without thinking of the evening I spent in that very car, riding shotgun w/Bob Sinclair. Zipping around the Berkshires of southern Massachussetts on our way to get some dinner, the night before he (literally!) drove the wheels off it @ Lime Rock! Always enjoyed “giving it a run to keep the plugs clean” back when it was my job to maintain it!

    1. I agree that the Stroker is the most desirable, but so hard to get. Also they can be a touch fragile. So some of us have to settle for a V4 Sonett instead. While an industrial engine in the USA in other parts it was fitted to many Ford Cars. And the V6 version is of ourselves legendary in the Capri.
      the Donett 3 is fun car to drive. I smile all the way to work the days I drive it.
      But yep I’d swap mine for Glenn’s

  4. I was sorry not to hear the engine working a bit harder, there were some pretty flat moments one those curvy roads when it would have been nice to hear it ripping into the corners.

    Enjoyed it though!

  5. I like the film anyway. It is better than nothing. 🙂
    A man in the small village where I live has restored Eric Carlssons rallye-sonett. It is silver, just like the car in the film and now it has Eric’s signature on the roof (where else?) permanently written under the top coat.
    By the way – anybody notice that the new six-cylinder F1-cars (debatably silent or not) sounds a bit like three-cylinder two-stroke engines. I hear old Saabs all over the grid. 😀

  6. A red Sonett V4 in the background too! To have one is great, but keeping two from the rest of us is surely being greedy 😉