Monday Reading – Geneva, Volvo V8 Racing, Mini Moke, Schumi

Welcome to V8 Supercar racing, Volvo.

It’s nice to have you around.

The video below shows the end to Race 2, last Saturday. The guy in the Holden, Jamie Whincup, happens to have won five V8 Supercar championships, so he’s no chump. The guy in the Volvo is just 20 years old and it’s Volvo’s first weekend in the V8 Supercar series. In other words, no-one really expected Volvo or Scott McLaughlin to do much on this inaugural outing.

The tussle you’re about to see is for 2nd and 3rd place. This is racing.

Do not scroll past without watching at least the first 3:40 of this video.


Spyker are in the news, with Victor Muller seeking to sell bonds to investors to finance production of the B6 Venator. Spyker Bond Investors can get either 30% after 4 years or a Venator plus cash. Their bond certificate will have the Venator chassis number on it.

The skeptics are circling, which is a surprise to no-one.

It’s a shame, because I think the B6 Venator looks like an absolute cracking car, inside and out. Muller insists that the Venator will be released regardless of the success of the bond issue.


It’s not looking good for Schumi.

Nearly two decades after dominating one of the most dangerous sports in the world and the guy gets brought to his knees by a stationery rock.

Pull through, Michael.


moke-motors-9The Mini Moke is coming back to Australia. Buyer beware……

Moke Motors Australia has teamed up with Chinese manufacturer Chery to build an all-new but visually reminiscent version of the military-inspired but much adored original Leyland Moke.

The new version pairs classic utilitarian ragtop styling with modern Chery mechanicals, and is slightly longer and slightly wider than the original to better accommodate four adults.

These mechanicals include a 50kW/93Nm fuel-injected 993cc four-cylinder petrol engine and a five-speed manual or optional automatic sourced from the Chinese-market Chery QQ3 city car.

I hope they’re not using Chery’s safety design people.


I ran a series of polls last year, asking what are the national motoring icons from various countries. We covered Germany, Great Britain, the United States, Japan and France.

There are two glaring omissions – Sweden and Italy.

I didn’t do Sweden because we all know the answer to that one.

I didn’t do Italy because the whole idea was so intimidating. And now that I see Petrolicious’ rather lame QOTD entry on the subject, I’m glad I haven’t done it yet. This is like taking custody of the holy grail of vehicle design. You have to treat the subject with respect.

But maybe it’s time.



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  1. Quite a race for #2 there. It’s refreshing to see the racers give a real reaction to winning/losing rather than the canned, scripted reactions one sees in NASCAR. Well done!

    Wishing Mr. Muller well.

    Chinese Moke? No thanks.

  2. a V8 volvo race car seems a bit of an oxymoron, given their stated aim in production cars is to get rid of even 6 cyl engines.

    Mullers bond? hmmm. Some really wealthy people with money to burn may bite, but the chances of getting a financial return on it ? Really slim, probably. I wonder what happened to the Chinese funding/tieup ?

    Chinese mini moke? Why not? Just like the chinese are producing knock offs of those old much loved Honda CT70 monkey bikes.

  3. These chokes, that’s chinese mokes are a disgrace to the original. I’m still wondering how they plan to get around the ESP requirements???

  4. V8 Supercar regulations allow an existing Volvo V8 engine to run in a homologated body that can be bought from the showroom floor. Running gear is all controlled and the new formula provides a much more level playing field than in previous years. Four makes in the top ten all weekend for quali and heaps of interest in the Volvo. How refreshing seeing a new car on the front row and finishing second!! This season will be well worth following closely.
    Nice work SW.