Video: Apple CarPlay

I’m preparing a bumper entry on my likes and dislikes from the Geneva Motor Show. It looks like another epic show over there. Amazing.

In the meantime, here’s a Volvo video showing the new Apple CarPlay system.

I took a long time to get on board with iPhone but I have to say it’s the best phone I’ve ever owned and my brief experience with it makes a system like this a very interesting proposition.

Yes, people have their grievances with being tied to the Apple ecosystem, but my experience is that Apple do integration very well. This is a situation where proper, thorough integration would be a real bonus.


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  1. If Apple sells it I don’t want it. I HATE them controlling the whole system, and charging 2X or more. Swade have you tried android? Now that is good coding that is way more open.

    1. A common misconception. Apple’s products are not significantly more expensive than _comparable_ products from other companies. A valid statement -and one acceptable, as it is everybody’s own decision- would be “there are features in Apple product X that I don’t need/want, and for which I hence don’t want to pay”. Apple tends to put together stuff in only a very limited number of configurations, with little choice. Don’t need an aluminum casing for a laptop? Oops.

      Regarding the control over the system: that is exactly the way I want it, for a phone. 🙂

  2. As far as I am concerned…ALL of this Internet related crap should stay out of cars. And my business these days is as a Network Administrator for a major US university…so it’s not like I want to live in the stone age.

    Most folks are terrible drivers as it is, having MORE things to distract from their driving will only make things worse. Cell phones are bad enough, things like this will only add to the mayhem.

    Having spent 10+ years in the auto racing business at a well know US race driving school as an instructor and engineer, and later building racing engines for another concern before I got into the IT world, if a technology does not directly aid the performance and/or handling of the vehicle…then I do not want it on my car.

    Things like lane departure devices, auto braking deices, “smart” keys, auto cruise control, and all this other crap that takes the RESPONSIBILITY of driving a car away from the driver, only leads to LAZY, UNATTENTIVE, and MORE dangerous drivers…NOT safer ones.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have been nearly run into by people weaving across lanes of the highway…or speeding up and slowing down greatly…whilst screwing around with their cell phones, either yapping away incessantly, or texting their little playmates. And usually at high speed.

    One time recently, an 18 wheeler nearly ran over the front end of my Audi when he decided to make a right-hand turn at the last minute…from the LEFT LANE of the road…while he was talking away on his cell phone. I was not amused.

    So I don’t care if it’s Apple, Google, Microsoft, or whomever putting this crap in cars…I do not want it…ever. I will never buy a car that has it in it.

    End of rant by the old guy… 😉

  3. In-car systems should play nice with all phones. I don’t see the consumer benefit of a system that’s locked-in to one brand of phone, especially one with a diminishing market share and a closed ecosystem.

    1. Other operating System developers can and will offer similar solutions. Google already does. The car manufacturers may incorporate all this into their own devices. No problem.

  4. I’m sure there will be android versions aswell but 2-3 years ago when work started on this (remember Saab IQon? Apple was the clear market leader and the natural choice to work with….. You dont throw something like this into a car that has cost billions to develop without testing it first, then testing it again and then testing it some more…

  5. Very interesting that Spotify is prominently featured. Apple, at the moment, make it highly inconvenient to use anything other than itunes in a car because if you want to skip a track, for instance, while using Spotify the blasted phone flips you over to itunes argghhh. I have tried this in many brands of car and its always the same. The reason? Because its the phone that irritatingly and unnecessarily does this not the vehicle’s interface. This is the sort of closed ecosystem behaviour that should be outlawed as a restriction of trade in the same way Microsoft were brought to task over Internet Explorer. As things stand my only options, even if I bought a brand new car would be to use the aux port (giving no hands free operation) or ripping out the oem sound system and paying extra for a parrot asteroid. Neither of which sounds like a 21st century solution to me.
    so if Volvo / Apple have this sussed my next car could well be a Volvo especially if the concept model you put up the video of (xc90 wasn’t it?) turns out to be as good looking when translated into production.

    1. As it seems, CarPlay will adress this by allowing app developers to include code in their apps that will automatically integrate the app with the CarPlay GUI on the car’s touch screen. it is hence up to the developers if they want to support CarPlay.

  6. What really frustrates me is the car manufacturers’ reluctance to accept that there are smartphones and tablets these days. Instead of offering a base unit that allows attaching the smart phone at the dashboard, and using the smart phone as a screen, they continue to offer their own devices which will of course be outdated in short term, and take away dashboard estate for the smartphones. The built-in devices of course offer very good profits.

  7. I am an Apple user. Everything in the family is Apple. Two ipads hammering away in the back seat. She is tapping away on the iphone in the front passenger. My phone is running Siri via iMaps to stop me getting lost. Love Volvo’s braveness to embed the console in the dash. Very nice. It will do well with the Apple community, no doubt. A much cleaner look for the car not having lots of buttons and dials everywhere. Just got to know your menus but that would only take a few minutes once you have paid for the car…