Video: Bruce Turk, Saab Collector

I’ve met a lot of Saab nuts in my time, but most of them were in Europe. I never really had the opportunity to plumb the depths of Saab nuttiness in the USA. More’s the pity.

If I had, I’m sure I would have come across a bloke named Bruce Turk.

Saab96GravelIf, like me, you don’t know Bruce but his name is still familiar, it might be because you watched another video on how he built his Saab 96 Rally car (left). I featured that video back in June 2013. The guys at /DRIVE made that film and have now done a feature on Bruce’s Saab collection, his cars and memorabilia.

The film is 18 minutes long and it’s essential viewing for vintage Saab fans.

The old stuff is quite often the reason people get into the newer stuff. That was certainly the case for me. Watch this video and you’ll see why. It’s called character and Bruce’s collection has it in spades, as does the man himself.

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  1. Bruce is a great guy and one of the most generous enthusiasts around. I had the delight of piloting his 93B in the video, sans silly hat, and it was an experience I won’t soon forget.

  2. Locked in to watch this tonight! The other half is out, there’s wine in the rack and beer in the fridge.. the only shame is that it’s just 18 minutes long! Guess I’ll have to watch it a couple of times, or get lost in the depths of Drive and Petrolicious.. awful.

    1. If you want to extend the pleasure, watch the build story of his 96, linked in this story (there’s a link at the end of this video, too).

      1. Come on Swade, you really think I didn’t watch that one already? I lead an exciting life.

      2. I just watched it again. Just as good second time around, especially with the insight provided by this new one.

        My wife wonders how I can watch movies and videos more than once. I wonder how she can be satisfied watching films only once!! I watched the Blues Brothers over 100 times in the mid-80’s and I’m not sure how many times I’ve watched each of the Godfather movies. There’s always some new detail to see.

        1. Well, that was fantastic.

          Very inspiring, and what a great, easy-going, every-day kind of bloke. I cringed a bit at the “echoey voice” stuff, trying a bit too hard to make Bruce seem wacky, but loved how they just let him talk.

          His passion is palpable, but it’s his humble, hard-earned skill and graft that really comes across – if he needs to do something, he goes for it and just learns. The “hour and a half” each day really hits home. If you want to do something, start now – don’t wait. You’ll always be one day behind. I’m sure we’re all guilty of putting things off until the “right time”. Bruce makes me want to get on!

          That said, I could probably take the time to watch Planes Trains and Automobiles for the thousandth time.

  3. Wow!
    I was never into vintage Saabs but must admit the black 93 with all that chrome is a real beauty. Hats off to Mr. Turk.

  4. I enjoyed the video a lot. The black 93 with all that chrome just needs a turbo engine. Cool car.

  5. Outstanding! I’d heard of Bruce from a way back but never managed to catch up with him during my (working) trips to the States. He’s certainly inspiring – I must crack on with my stroker 96, which is used on a rolling restoration basis although some parts are getting difficult to find here in UK. When the stroker’s “done” I then have to start on my 95V4 and Saabo caravan ……. no rest for me (and I still work full time!).

  6. Bruce is truly a walking encyclopedia of vintage Saabs and as others here mention, a generous source of information. Anyone attending an owner’s convention where Bruce is present should seek him out.