Weekend Video – Bruce Turk’s Saab 96 2-Stroke Rally Car

If you’re a Saab fan – especially if you’re a vintage Saab fan – then you MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO.

The guys from /Drive, the same mob who brought us the Inside Koenigsegg series of videos, spent some time with Bruce Turk and his Saab 96 rally car. The result is 27 minutes of information, sights and glorious, glorious sound that’ll soothe your soul.

Watch it below, or even better, watch on your big screen smart TV with the sound up LOUD.

Thanks to my mate Mark at Hemmings for the tip.


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  1. Wow. Just WOW! What a great interview. Someone that CARES, knows something about his/her interviewee and asks questions and gets out of the way for the subject to speak. Well done, Afterdrive!

  2. Interesting video but it should have focused more on the the SAAB powerplant ( 2 stroke 750/850cc) engines. The differences between the Saab 95/96 2 stroke engines, some premix and some with oil injection. A brief overview of the other odd SAAB 96 features (column shift, front wheel drive, freewheeling clutch etc. would have been appreciated. Overall I rate it 6/10.