Classics By The Beach – April 2014

Last weekend saw the April 2014 instalment of Classics By The Beach. I have to apologise for the scant coverage as I was busy talking for most of the morning and didn’t get to take too many photos.

I did get to catch some interesting vehicles, however, with a bonus rarity from another car show on Saturday!!


The white Elise below belongs to Gavin, who’s written on this site a few times before. I’ve had the good fortune to ride shotgun in this one and it’s a memorable experience (and not just for the ingress/egress rituals).

We must do a feature soon.


Hobart’s slowly turning into the land of the Lotus.

OK, very slowly, but it’s happening. Gavin’s white Elise wasn’t the only one at Classics on Sunday. This black Elise from the same era was also present. It’s owned by a guy named Ken who’s

a) new to Tasmania and still discovering the fun roads 🙂 , and
b) a complete petrol head.

The two Loti ended up leaving early for a bit of a run down the Channel. Fun was had by all, apparently. It’s a great road.


I’ve shown this Volvo P1800 once already but it was worth snapping a few more photos and taking a closer look. This is an early car and the classical dashboard is something to behold.

If there’s one area where you can see how generic vehicle design has become in the last 10 years, it’s interiors. Craft has given way to plastic injection and while technology has it’s undoubted benefits, they tend to drift towards the practical and the economic rather than the beautiful.

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt if function follows form.

P1800 prices are starting to rise. They used to be anchored at around $18,000 here in Australia but they’re well and truly into the $20’s now. In fact, there are six coupes for sale on carsales right now and the cheapest of them all is $23K.


The Lancia Fulvia Sport by Zagato was back this month and I couldn’t resist a photo of it with the P1800. This is like the automotive version of a Miss Universe competition.




Our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman was in da house 🙂



What you see below is a Leyland P76 and it’s an interesting model with a roller-coaster history.


The P76 was launched in the early 1970s and promptly won the Wheels Magazine Car of the Year award. Notable for its size – you can fit a 44 gallon drum in the boot with room to spare – it was a classic case of building the right car at exactly the wrong time.

The car was well received by the motoring press but a combination of industrial disputes and the 1970s oil crisis conspired to bring the P76 – and Leyland Australia – to a grinding halt.


The P76 actually won the Targa Florio stage of the World Cup rally in 1974 and Leyland Australia released a Targa Florio version of the car soon after. I’m pretty sure an uncle of mine has a Targa Florio P76 buried somewhere in his shed.

39 years later, a couple of Aussies proved that was no fluke when they took a P76 on the Peking-to-Paris endurance rally and won the Classic category.

The P76 continues to enjoy a solid following here in Australia and it was nice to see this one parked here on Sunday.


I got very excited when I saw this Porsche 928 parked at Classics.

Every night I drive home from work down a big hill called the Southern Outlet. Quite a few times on my drive home I’ve seen this blue 928 climbing the hill going in the other direction and because it’s climbing, the driver’s on the gas. Let me tell you, the note from this V8 – obviously equipped with something other than a stock exhaust – is amazing!


You can imagine my pleasure, then, when a saw a friend from the Porsche Club Tasmania get out of the car. Paul explained to me that the car just “followed him home” recently so he had to keep it. I commend him for his generosity of spirit 🙂 .


I didn’t get any interior shots but this is a 1981 model and it’s still got the original Pasha fabric on the door trim. The seats are all black, however.

The car sounded magnificent as Paul fired it up to go home and I can’t wait to see it again and maybe pinch a ride in it.


I know absolutely nothing about this Bentley, but with a window structure around the cabin like this one it was simply too interesting to leave without a few photos…..


And now to our special bonus car from a show on the Parliament House lawns on Saturday. The lawns are right next to Salamanca Market, which is where I spend most Saturdays, so it was just a two minute stroll for me to catch this genuine Rover Mini Cooper S Works – one of the last 500 or so made by John Cooper’s company in 2000.


The red-winged badge, I believe, denotes that this car has the 90hp 1275cc motor, the most powerful engine ever put into a production Mini.


That’s all for this month. Unfortunately I’m going to miss “Classics” in May due to another commitment so you’ll have to wait until June to see who gathers down at Sandy Bay for another pleasant Sunday morning by the beach.

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  1. Paul explained to me that the car just “followed him home”…

    I admire those kind folks who will take in stray Porsches so they do not have to roam the neighborhood all on their own. 😉 I guess as long as it was not microchipped…

  2. I may be wrong but I think the Bentley is a “Derby Bentley”.
    I once saw one in Launceston when we lived there. I have a photo of it which I’ll scan and send you.
    I enjoy your reports from these events. Don’t all the owners hang around to chat?