Video: Mercedes-Benz F1 Turbo Setup Shows Why Formula 1 is King

Everyone has their favourite form of motor sport, right? Some prefer Nascar. Others prefer their touring cars. Some prefer Indy and here in Australia, it’s the V8 Supercars. The good thing is that we don’t have choose between one or the other. We can watch it all.

If we did have to choose, though, I’m sure it’d be Formula 1 that topped the heap. If you can get away from all the corporate BS and the questionable records of some countries that pay to host races, what Formula 1 excels at is innovation.

Whether it’s engine tech, suspension, safety devices, aerodynamics, brakes, fuel economy and/or the use of materials, a lot of the innovations that make their way into modern passenger vehicles get their start in racing. And Formula 1 is consistently at the cutting edge.

This three-minute video narrated by ex-F1 driver and BBC commentator, Martin Brundle, gives you a good look at Mercedes-Benz’s new turbocharger setup. Formula 1 cars have vastly different airflows to regular cars but it’ll be interesting to see how this could be implemented in passenger cars to get more power and responsiveness while using less fuel. I’m sure they’ll find a way.

It’s compelling stuff.

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  1. I think I’d put WRC top of the heap, but it’s not side by side racing so it doesn’t quite compare. Always had a soft spot for British touring cars on my youth, and GT class racing a few years ago. But yes, F1 is the pinnacle and I don’t think it should be too hamstrung by rules, despite the danger.

    Whenever I talk about F1 I can’t help but think it’s lost its way, no longer pushing the boundaries of what is possible, but workng within them a little too much. Where’s my 1000kph anti-gravity racer going to come from? (Sorry – video gamer generation..!) Serious point though – who is pushing the possibilities?

    I was reading Elon Musk’s hyper loop proposal the other day. The world needs more of that thinking – not just improve what we have, but taking the next step.

    Look forward to watching this when I’m home – at the airport and forgot my headphones! Major oversight.

  2. So, no one is going to get close to the Mercedes team for the rest of the year. I wonder if the other Merc powered cars have the same turbo set up? Possibly, given their results.
    Renault must have known about this development though and you can imagine RBR’s frustration at being down the leader board now. DR is driving the legs of his car and is showing up SV in a big way.

  3. The innovation and push to such a massive change in formula for this season has quite incredible to witness. Putting this technology together in such a short time frame (if you compare to development times for the usual car companies) and getting it to WORK in the high-pressure, performance-at-the-edge environment of F1 is nothing short of astounding. Obviously some teams have done it better than others at this point in the season, but I still think it is nothing less than an incredible testament to the skills and creativity of these teams of engineers. And after watching this last brilliant race in Bahrain – this new flavour of Formula 1 is just what was needed to shake things up.

    Oh and by the way – Martin Brundle is a commentator and pundit for Sky Sports, not the BBC. 🙂

  4. @ Andrew Robertson – While watching the Sky Sports feed of the Bahrain F1 broadcast where this Brundle piece was originally broadcast, it was further discussed and confirmed that the other Mercedes powered teams did get this technology (and unique turbo/compressor split setup), but obviously not as far in advance as the works team itself. So the client teams had less time to develop and package their cars as well as Mercedes obviously has.