Porsches at Parliament House, Hobart

Victoria is Tasmania’s big-brother neighbour state and even though there’s another state called South Australia, Victoria’s actually the southern-most state on the Australian mainland. Go figure.

Anyway, members of the Porsche Club of Victoria are touring Tasmania and Saturday morning saw them gather their cars for a display on the lawns out front of Parliament House, in Hobart. The Porsche Club of Tasmania added a few vehicles to the show, too. My car would have been among them, but Saturday morning is the time PJ and I run our market stall at Salamanca Market, right next to Parliament House. I did mange to pop over for a little look-see with my camera, though.

The gallery is below, but a few notes first…..

A mate of mine in Sydney photographed a 911RS lookalike today and commented on how small it was in traffic. It’s true. The 911 is smaller than you think.

One of the guys on this trip was tagging along in a brand new RenaultSport Clio. No, I don’t know why. The Clio is a small car, but it doesn’t look so small next to a fleet of 911s:



That’s the original German name for a 911 ‘slantnose’. I don’t know much about them except to say that they’re rare. If this is a genuine “Flachbau” then it’s one of less than 1,000 made. It looked cool.


The fleet was almost exclusively 911, which is leading me to a theory on Porsche club membership that I’ll keep private. I was pleased to see a PCT member bring his black 968CS along to the show to represent the watercooled era from a generation ago. I would have had mine there, too, except I was working at the market.


And finally, a 911 Speedster. This was pure cool. Loved it in every way.


Here’s the gallery. Short, sweet, but very powerful and with beautiful handling.


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  1. Nice P cars. Your car needed to be in there!! It fits into that crowd.

    I went to our local weekly car show yesterday AM and there were a decent bunch of cars…..the star of the show was the Bugatti Veyron…….well until my pal Jay showed up with his new McLaren P1!!! Out of my league at $1.5 M USD!

    But my old 1973 911 did get some attention.