Inside Koenigsegg – One:1 Active Rear Wing

The absolutely awesome Inside Koenigsegg video series continues and today you get an introduction to the One:1’s active rear wing – another first for Koenigsegg.

The wing is the lightest of its type and it’s innovative mounting system overcomes some of the turbulence drawbacks suffered by competing units from other manufacturers. As always, Keonigsegg think hard about their solutions to make their cars the absolute best they can be.

The video is six minutes or so in length. Enjoy.

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  1. Where does it stop? They just keep getting more and more out of the car, and you have to wonder what there is left to do? I would love to see what this version of the car would do on the TG track, with all its aero enhancements and upgrades. Actually, stick it up against the F1s and see what it would do. I suspect embarrass them somewhat in the aural department…

  2. Nice to see a glimpse of their Carbon wheel manufacturing process. They have a much lighter mold than I had…

  3. This company doesn’t just merely pursue excellence. They do it with savoir faire and elan, or perhaps that should be “expertis och elegans”.

    The greater part of me is inclined to dismiss supercars as silly toys for filthy rich playboys. Another part of me admires the engineering excellence, exhilaration and beautiful execution of the best of the genre.

    I would like to imagine CvK – whose enthusiasm for Saab is beyond doubt – teaming up with NEVS a few years down the line on a relatively affordable halo Saab.

    Just imagine it…