War Of The Noses – Saab 9000

Saab 9000 Aero

This will be the final War Of The Noses post before I give voice to my own theory and either validate it or disgrace it with the collected poll results.

Our final vehicle is the Saab 9000, which had two basic noses to make it nice and easy for you pollsters.

The early 9000 nose, with the taller ‘face’ and headlamps:


And here’s the later 9000 nose, with it’s narrower headlamps and grille.

Saab 9000 Aero


Here’s your poll. Which 9000 nose do you prefer? Early or late?

As always, comments are open…..

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  1. I’d like to qualify my Early 9000 vote- I’m going for the 1991-1992 “slant nose,” as pictured, rather than the original 1986-1990 flat nose. I think it suits the body and is the perfect complement to the ’87-93/4 900…

  2. Once again, this is a tough call —- probably the toughest for me. I had a ’91 turbo and upgraded to a ’96 Aero, which I still have and I love both noses. The clears in place of the pumpkins makes a huge difference.

    With the; similar viewing angle, clears, mess and the the same color vehicle being presented … I just could not chose one over the other — I could not even vote for one over the other — an absolute draw for me!!!

  3. I did not vote, not yet, but dig the pictures especially the location of the first example. Pure hubris. Got to get my head around this before I cast my vote.

  4. Never has the statement, “The wheels maketh the car,” been more true than with the 9000. Dowdy wheels make it look like a wayward VW, great wheels make it a sport sedan.

    I voted for the later model. I think the whole car was sleeker and more appealing with the newer nose.

    1. I totally agree with your comment. In the case of the 9000 in particular, it’s hard to pick out just the nose when appraising the appearance of the car.
      I’ve been watching an early generation 9000 for sale recently and it looks stunning in its particular combination of colour, alloys and general presentation, yet normally I wouldn’t be that fussed about the early shape.

  5. I’m conflicted…..I like both the early and late noses. Prolly ’cause I had both noses on various 9000. That means I’ve own(ed) an ’86 (early) and ’93, ’94 & 2-’96 (late). The wheels also make the car the best wheels on a 9000 are the Saab/Ronal 8 spoke “Minilight” wheels.

    But yet, I like the early nose best, mainly because the more prominent or taller headlights.

  6. The problem with the 900’s aesthetically is the droopy mirrors- if they were flat/upwards like every other saab it would look better!

  7. ha… am not the only one that can not decide in a sec ( like the9-5… )
    hmm the whole car… i’ll say the later one. Maybe because of that fiat look in the old one… but its the whole thing, not just the face or the eyes….
    hm i’ll take the later one… but it is not the clear winner!

  8. I prefer the overall look of the later nose on the 9000CS. However in some ways I think the earlier nose suits the 9000CD.

  9. I have one of each. Neither is in pristine condition, but I like them both.
    Anyway, I am leaning towards the later one. I like the “squinting” look. Like it’s preparing for something. The earlier look is more an “openeyed enthusiasm”-look. I think. 🙂