Farewell, My Little Italian Buddy – Alfasud Sprint

I’ve had Gavin’s 1982 Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Veloce parked in my front yard for the last few months. The best part of the deal is that I had his OK to drive it once or twice a week – just to keep it lubricated, of course 🙂

The car left our humble abode this afternoon. It’s heading back to Melbourne tomorrow and it’ll either be sold or restored a little more.

I wanted a keepsake so I whipped out my iPhone this afternoon and shot a quick video walk-around of the car in the fading light.

I had an Alfasud Sprint in the late 90’s. It was silver with a brown interior, just like this one. It didn’t run anywhere near as good, though. The last few months have been as nostalgic as they have been thrilling.

Here’s the video. Please accept my apologies for the quality, but hopefully it gives you just a small sense of the car.

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  1. What a great noise! Alfisti would disagree with the wheel arches, but if they were painted silver they would look rather integrated and ‘factory’. Dechrome the bumpers and window frames and the car would look fantastic. Simple satin black paint finish would do it. Lots of prep but worth it. All the interior needs is fresh covers on the seats, if they can be obtained. Love the car and the era. Very cool.

  2. This era of Alfa Romeo is amongst my favorite. There were so many of these and GTVs in Luxembourg where I grew up in the early 80s. I remember a lower school teacher of mine had one just like this (except for a black interior) and it was already rusting to pieces at the tender age of three years out of the factory. The interior of the car was also shedding badly manufactured black plastic bits…..Even as a kid, I remember being incredulous that the car was already looking so old even though it was a young car.

    The only reason why I do not lust after Alfas from the 80s is that they are so delicate – I like my cars to be robust (which is why I like Swedish designs from the same period).

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful car – I agree with Andrew, above, about the cosmetics, though.

    Something about the Alfasud hatch, the 99 combi and the CX that just does it for me. It’s mostly the rake and design of the rear ends, but it’s also the overall proportions and general distinctiveness of these late 60s/70s designs.

    Most family cars designed when I was growing up in the 80s and 90s were amazingly dull by comparison, with a few honourable exceptions.

    Like the 99 and CX, the Alfasud is also fascinating mechanically. And 4 lamps better than 2 with the Alfasud, no doubt about it. OK, better stop: sounding like a total geek now.