Videos: New Volvo XC90

I was born in Melbourne, so I’m genetically programmed to hate everything about Sydney*. I live in Hobart, so I think Launceston’s a hole**. Geographic rivalry is about as old as mankind itself. It started when the first cavemen argued over who had the best hunting ground and it hasn’t stopped since.

As a Saab guy, I have a natural disposition to dismiss Volvo. Where Saabs were sporty and svelte, Volvos were boxy and brutal. The old joke is that they were built to protect Volvo drivers from other Volvo drivers. Secretly, though, I quite like them. I suspect a lot of other Saab fans feel the same way.

What drew me to Saab was Swedish design and engineering and Volvos share the same qualities. The design side hasn’t always been so attractive. I can remember an Aussie racing driver in the 1980’s describing the task of overtaking a Volvo being similar to trying to pass an mobile apartment building.

A lot’s changed, though. I’m wondering whether it’s time to openly declare some affection for the other Swede.

The new Volvo XC90 might just be a case in point. All we’ve got to go on is the interior right now, but that interior looks mighty Swedish – and mighty good.

Have a look at this:


Volvo has also done a concept teaser for the whole XC90 model. It reminds me of the Swedish fascination films Saab used to make, though the song isn’t as catchy as any of the songs that Saab used. The film isn’t quite as nice, either.

Then again, at least Volvo’s still here to make films 🙂

And despite the Chinese ownership, they’re still acting like they’re very Swedish indeed, which is great to see and crucial to their identity.

* I actually quite like Sydney now.

** Launceston’s still a hole 🙂

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  1. Very nice! The XC90 is a much larger car than I would like/need, but from what they show, it is a very good look. It is nice to see some real wood again as I was getting a bit bored with all the metal and carbon fiber that was in fashion recently.

  2. Volvo shattered their ingrained conservative nature with this C70 commercial. Paste YouTube:
    New Volvo C70 TV spot
    Song by Miss Li.

  3. Every new model S60 that drives past catches my eye. As does the blue V8 SuperCar GRM car. Brilliant thing. Towing a Jayco pop top into the Coober Pedy Big 4 would be rather nice, with and XC90. But never saw one on the road in a month going up and down the ‘Middle’.
    Lonny ain’t that bad surely? At least it isn’t in hyperactive Melbourne….

  4. There’s something terrible about a beige steering wheel. I don’t love this, I have to say. Seats and layout etc all look great, it’s just the scheme – too much like the inside of a 737 toilet. I’d probably like a darker look or a richer tan colour, though.