Inside Koenigsegg – 3D Printed Variable Turbo

Prepare to be amazed again, though this time with words more than with pictures.

This latest video in the Inside Koenigsegg series was shot at the Geneva Motor Show in March. It explains the theory behind the new variable turbo housing the Koenigsegg designed for the One:1 car that debuted at Geneva. Like all the stuff Koenigsegg days, it’s both sensible and somewhat revolutionary.

And yes, the fact that it’s 3D printed and can do some very hard work in such a powerful engine is pretty amazing.


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  1. After watching the video, I get a kind of “WOW, but …” feeling.

    It is really impressing, but now I have million other questions he can’t answer in such a video.

    If it works as he said, he has made any sequential twin Turbo configuration an hilarious joke of the past, and some companies are still struggling with a sequential twin Turbo.

  2. Every one of these videos shows how much Christian could have meant to Saab. The technology is for supercars, but the creativity behind them would have allowed for great innovation.

    1. Geez, now I’m depressed. Yes, he would’ve made Saab much stronger in so many ways.

  3. So. Let’s get this right. The innards of the turbo unit are printed at the same time IN the housing? Meaning they are printing the compressor wheel and axle? Brilliant!
    Now, I just need to get my 3D ABS plastic printer to do something clever like that too!
    CVK is more than articulate and comes across with such calmness that it is almost disarming. You can only wonder if the McLaren people will get to sit in his car….now THAT would be cool to film…

    1. Andrew,
      I understand it that the housing as well as the moving parts which adjust the internal/working volume inside the housing are all printed together. I don’t think that the compressor wheel is a part of the printing process, but just the parts which comprise the variable housing mechanism.

      I’d love to see a couple of cut-away views of the housing to better understand it.


      1. PG,
        CvK is not a fool, he will never show the interior of that turbo, or at least not till he has full patent protection, as this turbo housing is, imho, as innovative as their hydraulic valve actuator.

  4. The engineering technology and innovation, the design and CvK’s intelligence makes me desire a One:1 when I’ve never been the slightest bit interested in super cars. I need to win the lottery! 🙂
    Thanks for bring this brilliance to our attention Swade.
    If NEVS want to concentrate internal efforts on EV perhaps they could partner with Ksegg to develop a BMW M3 /Merc AMG killer on the ICE side of things?