#Auspol: Meet Our President, Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott

This is too good not to share. It’s our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, as profiled by John Oliver’s team at Last Week Tonight (HBO). It’s part of their ongoing “Other Presidents of the United States” series.

The Prime Ministership of Tony Abbott is kind of like Australia’s ‘Dubya’ moment. We’ve elected him once and already we can see the consequences. The big question is whether or not we’ll elect him again.

As Dubya himself said…..

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  1. I hear they’re looking for a professor of neo-conservative political philosophy at the University of Woolloomooloo.

  2. Right now nobody makes gaffs like our own leader. But what I wanted to comment on is that I have been hosting some very exceptional Australian visitors speaking in Milwaukee this week. I have had the pleasure of meeting Prof. Davis Black of Curtin University, Perth. Tonight I will be meeting the Australian Ambassador to the the US, Kim Beazley and the Consulate.

    I am one of the staff commemorating MacArthurMilwaukeForum.com
    This is a week long celebration of the life of Gen. Douglas MacArthur who grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are learning all aspects of his life and accomplishments. Yesterday David Black gave a very insightful talk about the Australian political history during WWII and how John P. Curtin galvanized the country while MacArthur was there. We even talked about the demise of Holden and I was the only other one in the room who knew this (thanks to Steve)!

    Learning about Australia in ways that most people never have the opportunity has been so interesting to me and I am looking very forward to meeting Kim Beazley tonight.

    Our website shows the the programs we are offering and tonight we are celebrating at a gala. Tomorrow we re-dedicate MacArthur’s statue.

  3. One wonders what Australians must think of the vacuum of leadership being demonstrated by the USA. With our mostly disengaged, adolescent dope smoking empty suit whose party has styled him our Commander in Chief and whose voters were hoodwinked not once but twice by unctious insincere charm and shameless sophistry. Actually, it is probable we were not hoodwinked but outmaneuvered by the relatively few pivotal precincts that find themselves able to manipulate their results. Either way, real Americans have to express our profound regrets that we have abdicated any sane role in the (mostly) free world and the international economy.