Porsche Winning LeMans Media

As I sit here writing this, we’re around three hours from the end of Le Mans. Porsche is leading with the #2 Audi catching them at a pace fast enough to take the lead. Can Porsche hold on and claim a Le Mans victory in it’s first tilt in 14 years? It’ll be an outstanding achievement if they can.

But I wanted to share a little of Porsche’s media output during the race.

I recently gained access to Porsche’s press area and having spent a little time in this sphere myself, I have to say I’m super-impressed with the timeliness of their reporting. They must have a well-staffed, well-resourced media team on the ground at Le Mans. And given that the emails I’m receiving are from Porsche Cars Australia, I assume they’ve got all their regional PR people on point this weekend, too.

As I said, super-impressive.

I got a press release after qualifying and so far I’ve received a video and a press release during the race.

The press releases are accompanied by bundles of high quality photos from the event and they’re landing in my inbox as the event is happening.

It’s only a small example, but this is one of the reasons that leading car companies are leading car companies. Attention to detail, quality product and a relentless drive to exceed expectations.

The photos are below. Click to enlarge.



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  1. Well despite the DNF result the opener was promising and it really is Porsche’s key racing connection as they don’t do F1 etc. Worth milking for all it’s worth.

  2. An absolutely gripping race!
    Watched almost all of it. Who would have thought that Toyota would have fallen over after their strong start? And Audi rebuilding and winning in a car that was completely wrecked just a few days before. Amazing effort by Audi, and an even better one by the Porsche crew. Can’t wait for next year, or even the next race in the series.
    Webber drove well and he looked very comfortable in his new home. Anything can happen at Le Mans and usually does. You have to wonder how big his trailer is these days, though…

  3. What is the reason that the Audi and the Porsche (and others?) look so clumsy? What is the purpose of the huge upright front fenders? New rules?

  4. The fenders covering the front wheels are actually pretty decent in shape for good high pressure zone aero. It is the section viewed from above that matters, not the side view. I suspect they have also pushed the front wheels closer to the front of the body to gain more length at the back, where at really matters. It may not look as elegant but the solution is better. Let’s not get on to the F1 front solution too!

  5. Eye of the beholder … I was just thinking the large upright wheel housings at the front are one of the aspects that make these cars interesting to look at and give them character.

    This chat will do until Swade gives us his take on the Mahindra / Nevs developments.

    A propos of nothing, I recently discovered Australian national treasure (?) Slim Dusty. I once had a pal called Duncan, and he sure liked a drink 🙂

    1. I’ve been away for a few days with no connectivity at all. Still catching up. Sounds like a speculative story at this point but may have some legs. Saab will still have a looooooong way to go if Mahindra jumps in, though.

  6. Really good match by Australia against Netherlands tonight! Even I (who don’t care much about football/soccer) enjoyed it.

    1. I got up at 2am to watch it and it was well worth it. Tim Cahill kicked the best goal of the tournament!!

      We never expected to beat the Dutch. This is mostly a young, inexperienced team we have. As Aussies, I think we’re all just pleased to see the team putting in a top-shelf effort, which they did.