Fulvia Friday – Turin 1966

I recently purchased some Lancia Fulvia documents on a CD and included was a whole swathe of Fulvia photography – the sort of stuff I used to scour the internet for in the Saab days. Press photos, advertisements, artistic interpretations. All sorts of stuff.

So welcome to Fulvia Friday.

I’ll kick things off with this interesting Fulvia from the Turin Motor Show in 1966. No, I don’t want to paint mine in this colour scheme, but I’m really glad that somebody did. There’s something very 60’s and quite cool about it.

I like it.

Fulvia Coupe S1 E002

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  1. Makes modern automotive marketing look so tame. Who does shots of a car in a veggie patch any more? Not even Tesla I’d guess

    1. Not enough vegetables in car advertising at all.

      Imagine what BMW could do with a carrot or a cucumber!