The Guild: Prejudice – Part 1

by turbin

This is a personal story of prejudice and ignorance but with a happy ending. It also includes a little back-story on an entity dear to my heart. This back-story those in the know are quite familiar with, but I will tell it anyway.

I came to appreciate the product of this entity back in 2000. They had been around for years but in 1998 had come out with an all-new form that signified a change of direction.

Also known by their acronym, a real breakthrough was to occur with the new offering of 2003. This was a product that would take them almost into the mainstream. Problems were on the horizon however, and a while after launch it was clear that there were tensions as to what direction the product should take and a key element was to be left out into the future.

This made me pretty upset as I felt this element was core to the quirkiness, individuality and edginess of the product I had come to know them for. It also became clear that this element would not be returning despite pleas from disgruntled fans and it was also believed to have been the source of some disputes and falling-outs. It was even claimed that any new product would only be a “lite” version of what had come before.

For me personally I lost interest in what was to come after as nothing could be done to redeem things in my eyes. I watched from the sidelines, enjoying the product I had, with the belief it was the pinnacle of achievement from a group whose product would always be a bit “vanilla” from then on.

More “new” product came sporadically with something new in 2005 and a refreshed line-up seeing the light of day in 2007 that some said was “drained of ideas” and “forgettable”.

Finally all was almost lost in 2010 when, starved for oxygen, there was a death on the operating table. There was a last minute resuscitation and  final new product came out that recalled some of the glory of before and re-invigorated interest. There has been nothing new since however and for now the future is unclear

Through all this I could not bring myself to respect what had become of something I thought was previously so great.

I delved further back rather than forwards convincing myself I “liked the old stuff better than the new stuff”.

I came to realise though that  core elements of the past remained throughout and permeated the product. Looking deeper I could see that the core essence had been retained and it resonated with me anew.

Finally, on a whim, I recently stopped resisting progress and got myself a post 2003 product, one that I had dismissed as “vanilla”. I have now come to realise that it is more polished and, while maybe less of a stand-out on the surface, demonstrates the core competencies and intangibles that are important to me. Above all it just feels right.

I have since been driving around with a smile on my face and can’t get it out of my head.

It dawned on me that for too long I let prejudice stop me from moving forward and in the process deprived myself of the opportunity to really enjoy something new and fresh. I now look forward to working my way through some of the even newer stuff. To be continued….

progressive turbin

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  1. Nice to hear.

    This is the kind of prejudice I see when somebody says he is a true fan of that product. History has shown that although the former products might have more charisma, those products were the reason for the later vanilla products.

  2. It seems he’s luring us into wrongly guessing Saab. Based on your answe to 9000Aero, I’m going to guess Renault who used to make charismatic, but unreliable and not-so-safe cars. But, I don’t know much about their current products.