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New Saabs?!

There was news today that Saabs will be rolling off the production line again soon. Yes, really.

NEVS is going to finish off the 100 or so cars that were left incomplete when production halted in 2014. NEVS registered just 264 cars last year in total, and most of those were company testers and dealer demonstrators, so I’m a little perplexed as to why they’ll spend money and time building more cars that are highly unlikely to sell.

Note: they’ll be 2014 models, even though they’ll be built in 2015.

Then again, there’s very little that NEVS has done in the last few years that’s made much sense to me. Add this latest news to a very long list of head-snappers.


The Deal

The same stories in the Swedish press today also mention that The Deal is ongoing and NEVS are likely going to have to seek another extension when their Reconstruction period expires at the beginning of March.

Naming rights are still the issue, presumably. And suppliers.

The following is mentioned in TTELA:

There is a critical piece. It’s part of the whole, we have a brand that must be loaded with quality products that must be designed and built here in Trollhättan. You can not take a bite, it’s a package deal to the prospective new principal owner.

If Saab’s going to continue as something interesting (IMHO) then being Swedish is core to its character. That a potential new owner cares about this is encouraging.

Don’t hold your breath. Watch this space. Etc.


Peter Wallenberg

The Wallenberg family are big players in the Swedish business world and were crucial in the birth of Saab. Although Investor AB parted ways with Saab Automobile some time ago, the car company they helped begin still occupies a place in the family’s heart. After all, it was the Wallenbergs who stepped in to help ensure the Saab Museum’s future when the museum cars were about to be sold to the highest bidder, back in 2012.

Peter Wallenberg died recently, aged 88. He was particularly fond of Saabs and had been photographed arriving in them at many official and social events over the years.

TTELA tells the story of the phone call made by the family to Peter Backstrom at the Saab Museum. Their father’s final journey had to be in a Saab.

Back in 2009, I visited ANA Specialbilar in Trollhattan and they were building a customised Saab 9-3 hearse. It’s the only one of it’s kind, apparently.


Peter Backstrom got in touch with the funeral home and the car was prepared and driven to Stockholm for the ceremony.

Wallenberg funeral

Vale, Peter ‘Pirre’ Wallenberg.

Thanks for your contribution to the rich history of Saab Automobile.

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  1. Vale, Peter ‘Pirre’ Wallenberg.
    Thanks for your contribution to the rich history of Saab Automobile.

    Ditto……………..God’s speed

    1. Indeed it would, for NEVS.

      If someone agreed to pay for 100 of these Saabs up front, though, I’d like to meet them. I’ve got a nice bit of swamp land to show them….. 🙂

      1. I’m thinking how a Chinese group bought all the unsold 9-5 NG’s on the east coast cheap and shipped them off to China a couple of years ago.

          1. I occasionally see one in the DC area but that’s it. The VOB dealer (just before VOB totally pulled out of servicing Saabs) told me that’s what happened to them. He said VOB had 50 that they got rid of that way. A pity really. The height in the back was a bit too low down but I quite liked it.

    2. Along the same lines, if negotiations with the new owners were going well and they needed these cars for demonstrators for a new market (India?), it would make sense to put them together as long as you have the parts on hand.

  2. More than a bit telling that most people will find the story about the Saab hearse the most interesting and uplifting.
    R.I.P. Peter Wallenberg.