Classics By The Beach – February 2015

A very un-Tasmanian summer Saturday full of wind and wetness had people feeling cautious about bringing their precious metal out on Sunday. The weather cleared, however, with overcast skies but only the tiniest bit of drizzle for a few minutes. Classics was ON!


Red vs Blue Maserati Ghibli SS

The car that stole the show this month was a beautiful Maserati Ghibli SS. I’ve shown this car before but this weekend saw a very special reason to photograph it anew.

This is how you’ve seen the car in previous instalments…..

Maserati Ghibli SS at Classics By The Beach, Hobart
Maserati Ghibli SS at Classics By The Beach, Hobart

Maserati Ghibli

The red looks very tidy, without a doubt.

But have a look at it now…..


The car’s undergone a recent and quite stunning restoration. The colour is called Ischia Blue and it’s the original colour the car had when it left the factory. A previous owner painted it red (hey, it’s Italian!) but I think you’ll agree that Ischia Blue lends the Maser an air of sophistication that suits it right down to the ground.


(if only we had the same sunny conditions for these photos as I had for the red one….)


The interior saw some re-trimming work, too.

I absolutely love 1960-70’s switchgear in classic black. Awesome stuff.




A few more details from this breathtaking car….






BRG Jaguar 3.8 x2

Things were so busy around this Jaguar that I couldn’t get a full frontal shot all morning. Take a close look and you can see why. It’s absolutely superb. I hadn’t seen it at Classics before (that I know of) so I don’t know if it’s a newly finished car or just new to the area. I’m sure glad it was there, though.

Check out those exhaust headers, for starters…..





Inside was just as nice, with biscuit leather and polished timber everywhere.



Parked just across the way was another Mark 2 3.8 in British Racing Green. I would have loved to get some photos inside this one, too, but it was closed up and I wasn’t sure who the owner was. It had a black interior, though, so would have been a nice contrast to see.



‘Viking’ Cortina

Same old story….. another interesting car that I didn’t get to talk to an owner about. I’d love to know the backstory on the “Los Vikingos” signage on the door.



Stripped out on the inside……




Dodge Brothers

I’m guessing mid to late 1920’s……????





I love the horns:



Ford Falcon XK

Ford wanted to build a family car for Australian conditions so they brought in an American car – the Falcon. This is an XK Falcon, which was launched here in 1960 and eventually became the stuff of legend here in Australia.


They still build Falcons today, but not for long. Production is due to end next year and may well finish sooner than that given the Falcon’s poor sales.


This restoration was finished around 6 months ago and it looks sublime. Kudos to the owner.





Jaguar E Type

A work in progress……




The rest

Hey, it may not be a bona-fide classic, but I took my Sprint down for the first time and had to get at least one photo (and having my mate Norman’s Alfa 145 there made the photo all the more worthwhile)


Future Classic?


Future Classic II?


If the number plate’s any indication, then this MGB’s as old as me. I’ve always wanted a car from the year of my birth. I’d prefer a Saab Sonett III but maybe one of these will have to do.




A magnificent Austin-Healey 100





Porsche 356 and Mazda MX-5


A beastly Jensen Interceptor


Mike’s winter car (in summer) – Volvo P1800


It’s always a pleasure to see a 308….



Triumph TR4….



A Pierce, which I know nothing about….



VW Kombi in tip-top shape, looking great with Porsche Fuchs wheels….


Will the BRZ be a future classic? Hmmmm….


MG in track trim….


Morris Minor, which looked cuter than a sack full of puppies as it was driving in 🙂


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  1. The Ghibli SS is a joy to behold, although I liked it in red, meself. It’s pretty well forgotten that Maserati eclipsed Ferrari in road cars up to the end of the seventies. The Mistral is a favourite, but close to where I grew up lived a really handsome Mexico. Now that they are under the same management as Ferrari, it would seem unlikely that they’d ever challenge the Maranello brand. Still, it allows Fiat to differentiate and have a wider market appeal.
    The Buy 1 Mk 2 looks very tasty, but I have to nitpick. (Who me? Never!) Buy 1 was attached to a famous white Mk1 3.4 Jag, and the second BRG “Mk2” is actually an S-Type.
    You can get high HP from a 3.4 Jag, but it needs cams and three Webers (or SUs) as well as those extractors. There’s a NZ restorer that takes these cars, modernises them with ABS, A/C, power steering etc. I think they’ll even fit later AJ6 motors.
    But I’d welcome every car shown into my dream garage, so it’s really is nitpicking.
    Very nice to see your ‘Sud Sprint in there. A little TLC will. I’m sure make a big difference to your enjoyment. It’s a case of instant gratification versus a long, difficult and expensive slog with the Lancia. Apart from the driving position, I can barely remember having more fun in a car than in a Sprint which I took round Winton on one occasion. From my memory, trail braking just unsettled the tail enough to keep me entertained. It was set up for the track.
    I’m still a sucker for a 308, and the 356 looked pretty desirable too.
    Nice story, Swade.

  2. >If the number plate’s any indication, then this MGB’s as old as me. I’ve always wanted a car from the year of my birth. I’d prefer a Saab Sonett III but maybe one of these will have to do.<

    My wife and I predate you but we each have a car from the year we got our first drivers licenses.
    1967 MGB-GT for her
    1973 Saab Sonett for me

    Since the Sonett is not 1970 I guess you will want me to take you off the top of the waiting list.

    1. Oh! I understand now – Swade isn’t 70 then! lol
      Nice cars & nice pics. I’m a sucker for a light interior – that Jag 3.8 is superb.

      1. I have a blue 1961 Saab 96. 🙂
        When I found it I felt I had to buy it. The dashboard is the same colour as the car, a habit Saab had only between 1958-1961. Before and after that the dashboards were grey.

  3. That Maserati is one of my favourites. One of a few cars that are genuinely ‘cool.’

  4. That’s not a Pierce, it’s a Pierce-Arrow. The fender lamps are their visual trademark. More info at if you are interested.
    I’m guessing that this particular Pierce-Arrow is a 1929-32 model, but I’m no expert.

  5. Some very nice photos there. Road was way too wet for me on Sunday sorry. Looked like a great turn up given the conditions and weather the previous day. Next time… Adrian 74 Pantera GT5, 69 Transit camper, & 61 EK wagon.

  6. As much as I dislike red and as much as I like blue I have to say I prefer the Maser in red. Now, if it was in the blue of the Dodge or the Volvo, things would be different.

  7. The Maserati is hot in red, cool in blue. I go with the blue myself. Switchgear looks good enough to eat.

    The Austin Healey is beautifully photographed.

    And while I’m here … are Mahindra buying Saab or what?

    1. Hi Nick,

      Classics is on every first Sunday of the month. The next one will be March 1st.

      See you there!