My Old Saab 900 T16 For Sale

My old 1985 Saab 900 T16 (AER-085) has just been listed for sale today!

I sold the car quite a few years ago to a student from Saudi Arabia. He owned the car until last year (I think) when he sold it to another Tasmanian local named Lee.

Lee has done some work to tidy up the car – new seats, refurbished wheels, a full service and new dampers – and has now put it on the market. I’m surprised he’s selling as he got in touch with me soon after he bought it and sounded keen on fixing it and keeping it. He does say it’s a reluctant sale and I can believe it.

The car has a new engine since I owned it and of course, it has the most wonderful note from its 2.5inch exhaust. Being a 1985 car, it’s cat-free and should theoretically have a bit more punch as a result. An additional mechanical bonus is the 1991 gearbox, which is stronger than the original mid-80’s unit.

I don’t know the owner and I can’t vouch for the current condition of the car, but if it drives half as good as it looks in the photos, it’d be a great little Saab 900.

Buyer beware, but worth a look.

Saab 900 Turbo on Gumtree. Click to enlarge.

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  1. That is indeed a gorgeous car. I try to hold onto all of my SAAB acquisitions, but if I had to sell one and the new owner(s) took care of the car the way the owners of this car have, It sure would make me feel better!!

    I hope it goes to a deserving new home.

  2. OG 9-3 front seats recovered to match the original leather? Such a beautiful car, in a color combination we never got in the USA!

  3. So you wrote about it a few days ago and then you see it’s for sale again ? This is faith Swade, you can not ignore this, bring her back home 🙂

    1. I would really love to own this car again, but……

      I don’t have the space for it. We have six cars at home when there’s really only space for three. I wouldn’t be able to sell one (or more) quickly enough.

      And there are other uncertainties that prevent me from spending any more money or committing to any more cars. In fact, I probably need to start selling without replacing them at this point in time.

      But I would love to buy it, providing it was running OK. It was always a favourite to drive when it was running properly. Sadly, it didn’t always run properly (for me) but I assume those issues would have been fixed by now.

      1. also depends on when the ’91 gearbox was fitted. If it was before your ownership Swade then a lot of kms plus enough stress to cause a engine transplant has happened since then. Even a ’91 box is a relatively fragile beastie.

  4. This is my personal dream car – I purchased the same model, year and color combo last year and am in the middle of doing a sympathetic resto (planned to be done for my 40th birthday in one month’s time). I had been looking for this exact car but left hand drive for years, and there are few left. If it is rust free and mechanically in good shape, the price is actually pretty reasonable. That said, I don’t like the NG 900 seats, even if they have been died the right color. Hope the owner at least kept the originals if they are capable of being recovered.

    Even with the wrong front seats, awesome car.

  5. Well it’s still up there, quite surprised but I suppose that stretch of ocean makes a difference. On the mainland I’m sure it’d be gone. I keep a pretty close eye on Gumtree for interesting Saab’s, Alfa’s and Lancia’s. Did you see that Flavia 2000 (Pinifarina body) for sale a while back? Super cool resto project, but it was in WA.

    1. Hi Swade. It’s Lee here (the guy selling the 900!). It’s a beautiful car and the car I’ve always wanted. Unfortunately my circumstances have changed and I can’t continue to put time and money into it to restore. If I end up keeping it, as it’s my second car, I’ll probably let the rego run out and store it.. But it seems a shame to so. Would only consider selling it to someone with the intention of continuing the restoration. PS – love the site.

  6. Did you end up selling the 85′ Lee?

    I have a 1986 900 Aero with the same colour combination. Built early 1986 as it has the fender indicator lights and catalytic converter. (confirmed year via VIN#)

    I live in Devonport, Tasmania. Bought it December last year from Melbourne. I had been looking for this silver and burgundy colour combination for years.
    At time of purchase it had 419,000 original km. I gave it a general tidy up. Fixed some electrical and mechanical gremlins and now its my daily driver with 426,000kms. Fantastic car. Im so glad I waited for the silver + burgandy combination.

    Hopefully AER.086 has stayed in here in Tassie. It would be nice to have 2 known early 900 Aero’s on the isle.

    Great side Swade!