The (Interesting) Cars Of Targa Tasmania 2015

Targa Tasmania has been on this week. As usual, Targa had it’s share of bumps and bruises. Four cars left the road on the same corner on Friday and organisers had to deal with a deliberate oil spill on the first full day of the event. There were no medical casualties, thankfully, but a stage of the event had to be cancelled.

Targa drivers covered 2000kms over the last week, with more than 500 of those kilometres at full tilt in timed stages. It’s the ultimate tarmac rally.

The major category winners:

Jason White won the Modern class in his Lamborghini Gallardo. It was White’s 5th Targa win.

DSC_1294 (1)

Craig Haysman won the Classic class in his Triumph TR7 V8.


Tony Quinn won the Showroom class in his McLaren 650S

DSC_1291 (1)


The Targa fleet was on display in Hobart on Friday night so I popped down to Princes Wharf Shed #2 for a bit of a look-see. The conditions weren’t great for photos, but it was fun. I had a chance to catch up with one of my mates, Phil Blake, who was running his yellow Fiat Abarth in his umpteenth Targa. I’ll have to photograph all the Targa plates at his house one day.

Here are a few of my favourite pictures from the fleet….

Donald Duck adorning a stepnose Alfa Guilia.


It’s always fun to drive a slow-car-fast.


Another Alfa GTV.


Passengers aside from the navigator aren’t usually allowed…..


This Ford Escort Mexico was just beautiful.



There were plenty of 911’s in this year’s race. This was my favourite pic, though not my favourite 911.


An early Alfetta, minus its bumpers. Lovely.


Phil showing me the rally computer in his Abarth. Compulsory equipment for every car.


Ready to go…..


Headlights on the Jensen CV8. This car has been in every Targa I’ve seen.


Porsche 914-6. If it’s genuine, it’s a very rare car.


Needs no description…..

DSC_1306 (1)

The winning Lamborghini was being held together by duct tape and cable ties by the end of the race.

DSC_1300 (1)

Apologies for getting a little bit artsy with this gallery, but I had a new lens on my camera and I thought I’d try out the filters on Apple’s new Photos app. The app runs like crap, but the filters turned out OK.

Click to enlarge.

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  1. Congratualations to all the owners, lovely…… So many memories of our yesterdays!!

  2. Great photos. That Jensen. So beautiful. I don’t recognize the white fiberglass car with the Scottish flag on top. Is that a purpose-built rally car?