My New Job

I’ve mentioned the fact the I’ve got a new job a few times on this site. Well, it’s time to spill the beans……

When I was a kid, around 10 years old, I sat an entrance exam for a fancy private school. Well, I say ‘fancy’, it was fancy for a family of our humble means but it was really just a mid-tier private school.

Anyway, I went along to this entrance exam and as adults are prone to doing with young children, they asked me what I want to be when I grow up. As children are prone to do in such situations, I gave an unexpected honest answer – I wanted to be a truck driver!!

Mum came to pick me up after the exam and I told her what had happened. She responded…..


That went well.

So, I did the ‘right’ thing. The expected thing. Eventually. And after a remarkably dull accounting/auditing career I ached for a job that I actually cared about. A job that I could get excited about.

There are two possible jobs that come to mind:

a) Become a puppy – puppies get to eat, sleep and play all day. Everyone loves a puppy. Who wouldn’t want to be a puppy?

b) Write about cars.

Given that science hasn’t advanced to the point where I can become a puppy, I have to go for option b.

I’ve always loved writing and cars are probably the only thing that I can write about with anything resembling an educated manner. I did it as a hobby and that went well enough for me to get a job at Saab, even if that particular opportunity didn’t go well enough to last.

Thankfully, however, I’ve received a second chance. And it’s a very exciting chance, too.

Last weekend I enjoyed the 2015 Saab Festival in Trollhattan. As you read this, I’m now a few hours south of Trollhattan, sitting in an office in Angelholm. Here’s the view outside my window:


If you know your automotive geography, then you know that Angelholm is the home of Koenigsegg, which is where I’m working from this week forward.

I have to say, working for Saab was pretty much my dream job. Working for Christian von Koenigsegg and his company goes way past dreams. We’re now in the realm of fantasy jobs and I feel extremely fortunate to have this opportunity.

What will I be doing?

I’ll be the native English speaker in the crew and I’ll work alongside the people in marketing, PR and social media. We’ll be doing all sorts of projects, events, press/sales materials, website copy and more, including some ‘Inside’ stories to share a little more about the processes and the people that make up this amazing company.

I’ve already been to Japan to cover an event the company did at Suzuka Circuit and in a few weeks, I’ll be off to cover other events in far-flung parts of Europe and beyond!

It’s a super-exciting opportunity and I feel like the most fortunate car guy on the planet right now.

Come and check things out at and on the Koenigsegg Facebook page.


Finally, to answer a few questions that I know you’re already thinking of…. 🙂

1) No, I don’t get a company car.

2) Yes, if you’re visiting the area, there’s a chance I can get you a peek inside. Maybe. But check first.

3) No, I can’t get you a ride in one.

4) Yes, the new lenses came in handy. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Best wishes that this job is never “work,” Swade. Cheers, mate! You’ve earned it a thousand times over.

  2. Now I can say congratulations without spilling the beans. Well deserved Mate. Well deserved.

  3. Wow… just wow! Your a legend and to say that you deserve this is an understatement.

    So very very happy for you and can’t wait to see this next chapter in what you do best…. write about cars with passion 🙂

  4. Congrats, that’s indeed an incredible company to work for! Have fun, we’ll be reading more of the amazingly entertaining stories you write!

  5. Congrats! It took a while to find your dream job (and a start at another Swedish car company). Are you going to be living in Sweden with the family or be an Australian-based nomad? Either way, good luck to you in this exciting new adventure.

    1. I’m based here in Angelholm. This all happened quite quickly so there wasn’t time to pack up the family. That will all happen in good time.

  6. Congratulations. Looking forward to insight into this wonderful company as well.

  7. Woha! I’ve loved Your work and enjoyed Your blogg always. This is great. Congrats – and Lucky von Köningsegg. Looking forward to read even more interesting articles, news and snippets from you and Köningsegg. Great!

  8. Congtats Swade!
    You will absolutely be the right man at the right place.
    Please bring my greetings from a old saab race nut to Robert Serwanski. Guess you allready know him? 🙂

    1. I’ve been working quite closely with Robert. He’s driving at all the events I cover, so we see each other and talk a lot. He’s a great guy.

      1. Agree, Robert is great guy and a really good driver.
        You two will be a outstanding PR-team!

  9. I called you a lucky bastard so many times for getting to work with SAAB. This goes beyond my imagination. Again, I’m speechless… congratulations!

  10. Swade congrats on your new position . Remember your time at Saab was a great time in your life. That was a step this is top floor go for it my friend

  11. Wow! First of all, congratulations on your dream job!!
    While you are in the neighbourhood, maybe you can spend just a little of your time on developments on that other brand we all love… 😉

    Have fun!

  12. Wow that is amazing and so deserved. Hopefully you might still have time to keep an eye on developments at NEVS in your spare time.

  13. Congratulations, from the bottom of my heart! Very well deserved, best wishes on your new job.

  14. Congratulations! Dream job indeed! And there was me expecting you to say Stuttgart 😉 (BTW: Do Koenigsegg need any versatile database / software developers?)

  15. I thought it might be something in automotive journalism – but never at Koenigsegg!! Congratulations Swade.

    Now, if NEVS/SAAB could collaborate on something (as has been hinted might happen on Saabtala), that would be utterly amazing.

    1. Wow! Congrats! A well deserved, wonderful opportunity to show your great journalistic talent!

  16. You are perfect for this work. As you say, “Working for Christian von Koenigsegg and his company goes way past dreams”. Dreams does not even get close! Best of luck, and Christian is very lucky to have you as a member of the team!

  17. Swade …….wonderful news. I would not have guessed, but it is a perfect fit.

    It is because of your early Saab website that I have KONISEG as the California license plate on my Saab 95 Aero !! [bad spelling because 7 letters max on plate].

    I am looking forward to following the K story with you at the helm!!

    Let me know if you ever need anything. How about a new model intro in Malibu!! Or Cold Canyon! Seriously keep me in the loop if I can ever help you out!

    Wishing you great success……

    1. 16-35mm f4
      105mm Micro
      70-200 f2.8

      Plus my old 50mm f1.8

      Am now wishing I had another body. All this lens changing is a pain.

      1. Look for a good quality point-and-shoot camera, of the “big sensor” variety. Most big brands sell them (Canon, Panasonic, Leica, Olympus, Samsung, Sony), and they’re all pretty good. They all shoot decent video too, although their weak point is sound.

      2. Swade if you’ll recall I suggested you get the Sony A7S. Let me revise that slightly now. They just announced the A7R mark 2 today. This is the camera you want. If you weren’t looking at this already please do. I can’t stress this enough. You don’t even need to change your lenses as they have on sensor PDAF that works with third party lenses! Just swap bodies and call it a day. You will get 4K video internally recorded.
        That is only scratching the surface. I’ll let you read the rest online.

        As you can see by the responses here we all agree you deserve this new job. Not just because you’re a great guy but you are a hard worker with fantastic prose. I hope you continue to write here so we can still get your personal take on non-work related things.

        1. Well there may be one hiccup with the Nikon lenses. Although there are adapters for Nikon to Sony FE there doesn’t seem to be any with the electronic hookups for AF. However I saw someone who appears to have inside info that one is about to be released. For what it’s worth.

          1. It certinaly looks great, but $4K just for the body?? I could do that if I was just starting fresh, but I’ve just spent that (or more) on my current kit. I just don’t have the money to do it again unless I sell everything I’ve got now. Sigh.

          2. No need to get fancy. There are plenty of decent small cameras available for $1K or less. The idea is to complement the big system with something small and less intimidating (to you and to your subjects), not to replace it.

  18. WOW!! Swade, you are doing what somebody like be can only dream about! You are very fortunate my friend! Trully Deserved, i just hope that all your dreams can become reality! Dream Job to any Petrolhead, you really are the right man to do it! CvK really did his homework….
    Best of luck from Portugal!!!

  19. Wow, congrats! 🙂 And you ended up in Scania as well. 😉 I hope you in some way will be able to continue to have some opinions about the Trollhättan situation…

  20. Swade,

    Congrats. They couldn’t have hired a more passionate and dedicated writer. And your pictures are great too.

    I guess this means you are shopping for a 99 Turbo. Look forward to reading about that as well.

    1. I’ll definitely be car shopping soon. I have the use of a Saab 9-3 for a few more weeks but will need to get something after that.

  21. And to think landing a job at SAAB was considered the dream Job. Well done !
    Oh and of course don’t forget where to look when you’re looking for some After-Party entertainment 😉

  22. That is fantastic, Swade. Congrats. I am sure that you will make it a real success. (So long as the winters don’t get you down) Brilliant

  23. Jesus Von Christ! Congratulations, good luck and what have you! Talk about a dream…

  24. That’s amazing Steve,, From Tas to Northern Eur, no shift in temp there.. 🙂 ..Blues on the bottom of ladder, Juddy retires, no loss there 🙂 .. Salamander markets may miss u both.. good luck ,,Congrats!!

  25. Congratulations on your new job, it is well deserved. I don’t know of any car manufacturer on the level of Koenigsegg. Best wishes!

    I will definitely be following.

  26. Wow, good for you. Now tell Christian that he needs to bring the prices down on his cars so that the average person can have a chance to own the best!! Congrates Swade, my dream is to have Koenigsegg and Nevs come together to form the new Saab. Crazy but perhaps????

  27. Holy moly, how absolutely fantastic. A huge congratulations to you Swade, that must be the most heart-warming career change I’ve ever heard about! The idea of you going over to Koenigsegg did cross my mind but I put it aside as pure wonderful fantasy. And now, it’s true! So very happy for you. I’ve been itching to learn where you’d be off to after spotting your Alfa Sprint up on Gumtree many many weeks ago.

    Hope it’s a smooth move for the family, and that it’s all you could dream it to be. I can’t see how it wouldn’t be!

    Oh and hey… any digital design support they need, please give me a shout 🙂 We’d be happy to sex up that blog design for you!

  28. I know this is your dream, but Gee your sister is going to miss you.
    I agree TOPSWADE.
    I am very proud to say that Steven Wade is my brother and good luck at your new position that you will give 110% too.

  29. Congrats Steven. I’m currently looking at a little trip to Sweden in mid September. The Saab museum and perhaps Koenigsegg too.

  30. I’m late to the party as usual!!

    Couldn’t have found a more deserving and purpose-built guy for the role!

    Have an absolute ball!!

    motherlode turbin

  31. Steve, can I just say a massive congratulations to you. Your passion for Saab and all things automotive literally jump off the screen and, ever since I stumbled upon a small website named TrollhattanSaab, I’ve been hooked. Because of that site, and SU, there are 4 Saabs back in our family again – after an absence of 14 years! So, if you can replicate this same trick here, then this won’t be just a dream for you, it’ll be a dream for Koenigsegg’s sales department too!! Kidding aside, I’m very pleased to hear this and, after listening to Christian talk so enthusiastically even about little things such as door hinges, I think you ‘car guys’ will make a great team! As always, best regards from Ireland, Geoff.

  32. Congratulations!!!!!!!
    This far exceeds anything I could have imagined but I can’t imagine a better person for the job. I hope and hope that this job becomes a happy lifelong endeavor and that your family shares in the joy.

  33. Wow!


    I will miss those monthly reports of the car show in Hobart, but this is even better!

  34. Fantastic! Best of luck and a hearty congratulations. You’re a lucky man and they’re lucky to have you.

  35. Congratulations!

    Fantastic news,
    Somehow I get the feeling this is just the beginning of something wonderful…


  36. Congratulation on the new job Swade!!! Fantastic!
    It was nice to talk to you in Trollhättan, I wish you good luck, and looking forward to your sweden reports now…

  37. Congratulations! All the best of luck with your new adventure – a job most of us can only dream of. Looking forward to your future writings! Will there be a similar blog as ‘Inside Saab’?

  38. Spectacular!
    It takes great determination and courage to leave a bill-paying career and pursue a dream. Well done – I’m really happy that it’s paid-off……..what a great feeling you must have when you hop out of bed each morning.

  39. I’m truly happy you’ve found that dream
    Job. Please don’t forget all the ‘little Steves’ out there – come back and inspire them to never give up 🙂

  40. WOW !
    Grattis! 🙂
    This is fantastic. What a dream job. As a technical writer I really appreciate your combination of writing, pedagogical expertise and plain fun. I am in awe.
    Your writing has always been master-class and what you did att Saab was amazing, wizard-class. And now you have reached Gandalf-level. 😉
    Congratulations! Lots of them!

  41. Congratulation mate!!!

    If you ever want to see the core of “Das Boring” you’re highly welcome!!

    Enjoy your dream!!

  42. best of luck in the new job, nice bonus is that you get to miss the Hobart winter, (horrible what happened to judd)…

  43. JackPot! Thoroughly deserved, and is certainly testament to your persistence and tenacity.
    Hope things are what you dream they might be. Enjoy every moment, as you jet set about the planet, on those long arduous flights to exotic destinations and beyond…
    Hoping this site might continue too?

  44. Wonderful, wonderful news….I guess the only downside is that you’re really going to have to learn to speak Swedish to some degree, and I can’t imagine that’s easy. Hopefully, you’ll keep an ear to the ground and also report any news and rumors you hear from the north to the faithful on swadeology.

  45. Sensational news! Happy to hear the news and share in your excitement. You’ll do an outstanding job.

  46. Great news… nice to see you at the leading edge… now you’ll learn Swedish fairly naturally…

  47. I think the response rhymes with ‘Clucking Bell!’ I would call you a lucky sod but I know that you make your own luck and you certainly deserve this chance. Well done and congrats.

    If you ever have an opportunity to bring one of those beasts over to Scotland and fling it around some of our stunning roads (plenty of photo opportunities as well), give me a call.

  48. From your other comments and your trip to the Saab Festival, I was fairly certain your new job was somehow related to auto journalism, but I had assumed it was something like being a remote correspondent for some auto mag or web site. (You had mentioned at one point moving to Melbourne, so that also fed into my assumptions.) But….as others have said, never in my imagination would I have guessed a job with Koenigsegg!

    As they say, good things come to him who waits. Congratulations! Very well deserved! I can’t imagine the excitement of getting to work with the dedicated and amazing team at Koenigsegg! In a future post you will have to tell us all some more about how this all came to be.

    I am grinning from ear to ear for you. I imagine your face must be sore from the continuous smile!

    This should make it a bit easier for you to indulge in the various bucket list Saabs you have always mentioned. 🙂

  49. Congrats on what sounds like a truly awesome job!! -And welcome to NV Skåne.. Soon enough you’ll be litening to Hasse Andersson, watching Rögle and covering Vallåkrafräffen, I’m sure.

    In the mean time, I’m looking forward to what will surely be some pretty cool articles coming up.

  50. Wonderful news. All the best to you and the family as you begin what should be a wonderful experience. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

  51. Jeeeeses!
    Awsome is the word.
    I’m glad for you and I’ll keep looking for a “Swade production” on the third car brand site here in Sweden….or is it the second? NEVS is a newer entity.
    Anyway, big congrats to you!

  52. When science comes around I’m all over that puppy thing. You’re spot on with that.

    I’m extraordinarily happy for you my friend. My your fortunes in Sweden treat you better this time around.

  53. Congratulations and welcome aboard! I really had to look twice when I spotted you in the hallway the other day. A very nice surprise indeed 🙂

    1. Come and say Hi tomorrow (and apologies if you already have – I’m hopeless with names!)

  54. Well done indeed!!!! You’re a lucky man, but Christian is also quite fortunate to have you on board. I’m looking forward to your future writings!! Skal!


  55. Congratulations Steven. You really do deserve this opportunity to follow your dream. I hope the transition to the new life goes well for you and your family.
    Kind regards, Ron.

  56. In this unfair and crazy world we live in, it’s nice to hear stories where good people get what they deserve. Congratulations, Swade ! Looking forward to your new posts.

  57. Now this news made me have that smile on my face hole day long.
    The smile that we fellow Saabist now all so well. 🙂

    Even tough we have never met in person, I can’t express enough how glad I am for you.
    Best wishes on your new job, you have definitely deserve it.

    Nebojsa “Teddy” Manojlovic

  58. @typo
    whole, not hole. Sorry, I’m not a native English speaker, so I tend to make these silly mistakes. 🙂

      1. Hehehe, thanks.
        I speak even tougher language, Serbian (formerly known as Serbo-Croatian), but it looks similar to Russian, though. 😉

        We both use Cyrillic alphabet and have the same Slavic language roots, but that is just me nit-picking now. 🙂

  59. Congratulations Swade, well deserved. Hope you’ll have a great time there.

  60. 107 comments ! It just goes to show that there are other subjects – besides the ups and downs of Saab – that generate true enthousiasm. You are very clearly one of them. And rightfully so.
    Congrats, and welcome back on the old continent !

  61. Wow. Just wow. And I was thinking you were going to write for a small automotive magazine or something. Congrats. Drop me in a line if you’re in Northern California. I’ll loan you a Saab!

  62. Congrats Swade – really happy for you!

    Have followed you since before th Saabs-United times (Trollhattan-Saab?). It’s been a pleasure to follow your excellent writting. Not only about cars but also it ha been a privilege to have been given a small insight into your dreams, hopes and thoughts about life. Always honest, always full of insights! You have plenty of friends in Cyberspace and I consider myself one of them!

    In case your Mrs. has moved with you here now as well and want to join our design market in Gothenburg with her paintings (, please let me know! Maybe she should move into painting Moose in addition to Emus as well now when she is in Sweden? 🙂

    I also know there will be a art market/farmers market festival at Strömma Farm Lodge in the end of September which is not too far way.

    PS. Don’t forget your blog – we still want to hear from you even if you will have the best job in the world! 🙂

  63. Fantastic news. Wishing every success Swade. Looking forward to reading about your new adventure.

  64. Hi Swade, am very late to this news and could not be happier for you. i must say though that it is Koenigsegg that got the better end of the deal, as you certainly are the best automotive Internet journalist i know of. and perhaps now is a good time for the 96 V4? And thank you for hooking me up with Daniel. what a gemtleman!

    All the best,

    Ed K.

  65. Wow! Massive congratulations on your new position, if there were one place in the world I could choose work it would be undoubtedly be Koenigsegg! It is inspiring to think that someone I’ve most likely brushed shoulders with at recent car shows around Hobart is now working at what is, in many ways, the most forward thinking and technologically advanced performance car company in the world.

    All the best and I hope to meet you in person if I visit the company one day!

  66. Just popped on over to the Koenigsegg site and read several of your blog posts, Swade. Recognized your writing style right away, without even seeing the byline at the top of each post. Talk about “the kid in the candy store”! Not only do you get to do what you love, which is write about cars, but you get to daily interact with the best in the business. Enjoy the ride!

  67. for once i’m actually happy for someone others sake. I don’t believe you when you say this is a better job than it would have been working for a thriving SAAB. But considering reality i envy a great way to pay the bills. Its logical and makes sense that you got this job. Even though a used koenigsegg cost 10 times as much as a single hypothetical brand new Saab i that i also would not afford i will have a look at what you write.

  68. Congratulations Swade! It seems that a swedish car brand and Sweden itself are in your destiny! 🙂

  69. Enjoying your updates over there, Swade! Rather jealous of your Goodwood access that must be absolutely amazing.

    Wondering if the blog will ever have comments turned on, or are you guys keen to keep it on Facebook and Twitter?

  70. Big congratulations, Swade!! You finally (again) got the coolest job in the world. And welcome back to Sweden of course 🙂