Please Support Jim’s Ride for a Cancer Cure

It’s that time of year when I ask you – once again – to support the endeavours of our mutual friend Jim Coggeshall as he participates in the Pan Mass Challenge to raise money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

This is Jim’s seventh tour in the Pan Mass challenge and my guess is that we’ve been supporting him for at least 6, or maybe all 7 of those rides.

Jim is a cycling fanatic, an owner of 4 fine Saabs (and a very nice MG), a connoisseur of fine music and just a general all-round great guy. I first met Jim in 2010 when he was just a rookie cancer survivor (see next paragraph). I had the pleasure of spending a few days at his home last year and it was great to spend some more time with him AND get a drive of his gorgeous Saab Sonett.


Jim is a four-time cancer survivor, thanks in no small part to the outstanding research and clinicians at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. He’s not just a fundraiser for cancer research – he’s a walking advertisement for it.

Jim will most likely top the ,000 mark this year, for funds raised over his seven rides. On top of that, he’s personally donated around $8,000 of his own heard-earned to support other riders.

I support Jim’s ride every year because he’s a great mate, and this is a great cause. Everybody is touched by cancer in one way or another and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute is doing great work developing treatment regimes that eventually find their way to your local hospitals. This is a donation to one place that can have a lasting effect around the globe.

From Jim:

I’m asking again for support as I join over 5,500 other cyclists as we attempt to meet a goal of raising over $48 million in one August weekend by riding across the state of Massachusetts. In the history of the event the PMC cyclists and their sponsors have been able to contribute over half a billion dollars to fund cancer research at the Dana-Farber.

If you’re reading this in the USA, you should know that your donation is tax-deductible and eligible for most company donation-matching programs. If you’re not in the USA, please donate anyway and enjoy the good karma.


As always, I’m not asking you to donate without having done so myself. I’ve just tipped $200 into Jim’s hat. The readers of SaabsUnited and Swadeology have donated multiple thousands of dollars over the stretch and I hope you’ll step up to the plate again this year.


By way of catch-up……

Long time, no write. Well, the last post was just 6 weeks ago but it feels like a looooong time ago. A brief look tells me this is just my fifth entry for 2017. Not even one a month. Bad Steven.

I’d write more, but I guess real life has taken over from internet life for a while, which is not a bad thing in 2017.

And besides, one of my main (publishing-related) interests is watching the demise of the sitting US president and nothing I put on ‘paper’ here would be as entertaining or as effective in bringing down the pussy-grabber-in-chief as the man himself (and yes, I fully realise the sadness inherent in that statement). America is being presided over by an idiot, the small-c captain of a Ship of Fools.

I hope you’re all well, and that you’re ticking some interesting cars off your personal automotive to-do lists.

I recently sold my Jaguar XJR – did I tell you about that one?

It was a 1995 model, with a 4-litre super-smooth, supercharged engine producing 320hp. It was red with a tan leather interior and I felt like a distinguished gentleman every time I got behind the wheel. It was everything I hoped my first Jaguar would be.

Why did I sell it? Basically, I needed the money more than I needed the car. I still have my 2003 Saab 9-5 SportCombi and being a two-car-guy with only one parking spot is a pain in the patoot.

The Jaguar is gone but another will take its place, eventually. I’ve been keeping an eye on the prices of the Jaguar XKR from around 2010. One of those would do nicely. The sexiest car in the world for me right now is the Maserati GranTourismo but they still exist only in la-la-land for a man of my modest means. Que sera sera.

My other automotive interest at the moment is the utterly charming Morgan 3-wheeler. It looks like it’d be a blast to drive and it’s so impractical that it’d make a perfect addition to the Swade garage. All in good time.

Present day bottom line – It’s fair to say that my automotive world is fairly plain right now (if you don’t count the Koenigseggs I see at the office every day). The Saab is reliable and comfortable – it’s actually more comfortable than the Jaguar was, I’m surprised to admit – and it’s worth so little in financial terms that it makes no sense to sell it at this point in time. Maybe next year, if the yearning for something zippy gets strong enough.

Until next time, please donate to Jim’ ride.

This has been fun. I hope to get back to a more regular posting schedule in the near future.

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