New Years Un-resolutions 2012

It’s New Year’s Eve here in Australia.

Here are some things that I resolve not to do in 2012.

I will not buy an iPhone or an iPad.

I love my Apple MacBookPro and I loved the iMac I had before this. I might even replace these with a new iMac to do the heavy lifting and a MacBook Air for portability. But I don’t think I’m going to go down the path of the iPhone or iPad.

The iPad bit will be easy. I borrowed one a few weeks ago in order to look over a Porsche magazine I’ve been editing (for language, not for accuracy of content), a magazine that’s been created specifically for iPad. Indeed, the publication does look beautiful rendered on the iPad’s screen. The problem for me, however, is that I’ve felt absolutely no compulsion or even mild desire to use the iPad except for looking at this magazine. I guess it comes down to the fact that I need content creation tools rather than content consumption tools.

The iPhone might be harder to resist. I’ve never owned a smartphone but the stars are aligning in such a way that I’ll probably take the plunge this year. Part of my resistance is on the usual “everyone’s got one” principle, but I’m also wary of tying my life too much into one electronic ecosystem. I’m already very Google- and Apple-centric. I don’t need/want to go any further down the rabbit hole.

Plus, the new Nokias are looking very attractive.

I will not compromise on the car I buy this year

For the first time in 24 years, I don’t own a car. My wife and I are currently sharing our Saab 9000, which is working out OK most of the time. Problems will eventually arise when I go back to full time work, however.

I will have access to a racy little Toyota Corolla from next week and will most likely avail myself of that whilst I put some more money together with a view to getting one of the (many) cars I’ve coveted for several decades now.

What will it be? That’ll depend on my ability to save and my appetite for risk, both of which are growing daily 🙂

I will not submit to the scourge of internet snark

One of the things that has tired me out over the last few years is the number of people willing to spend their spare time logging on to various websites and knocking stuff. I am consistently amazed by the amount of time some people will spend tearing something down inside their own little world.

There are a bunch of things/people I’m angry at as a result of what’s happened with Saab over the last few months/years. It’d be easy to fire up and let the cannons fly at a few prominent identities (and I’ll probably set the record straight with one of them directly, soon), but what does it achieve in the end?

I’ll eventually get those stones out of my shoe, but when I do, I hope that I’ll cover things as constructively as I can. Feel free to pull me up if I don’t.

I will not neglect my family anymore

To those of you who have chosen to visit here – I thank you. I’m not very good at sharing stuff in small bites, which is why I don’t write as much on Facebook or Twitter as I could. I prefer to write long-form and use those social outlets to spread the word around.

I’m realistic about my prospects of continuing my employment as a writer, especially in terms of working for an OEM automotive company. Whilst I think what I did at Inside Saab has plenty of potential in the right circumstances, the chances of an opportunity like that coming along again are minimal.

My family have given up a lot in the name of Saab. I have too, I guess (even though I got a lot in return). Whilst I really hope to pick up some freelance work as well as writing my own thoughts on cars here, I don’t want to do it at the expense of my family or friends anymore.

I will not die

This is bordering on a regular New Year’s resolution, one that commits me to do positive things rather than the ‘un-resolution’ I’d intended. But I do want to end 2012 weighing less and being able to do more things than when the year started.


I hope you had a better 2011 than most.

I hope your 2012 is much better than your 2011.

More than anything, I really hope Saab gets a second chance in 2012. There’s so much potential there in Trollhattan and aside from fulfilling that potential, I really want to see Saab prove those doubting bastards wrong.

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  1. Bonne Année to you Steven and your family, wishing you a wonderful 2012.
    Down under you are already partying, 🙂
    Cheers, David

  2. Bold of you to publish your resolutions here…
    Happy New Year 2012 to you and your Family as well.

    Ps. I wrote this with an iPhone 😉

  3. Stepping off the treadmill of our hectic and almost chaotic live taking time out to reflect on what is really important I suspect will be a necessity for many of us in 2012.
    Work should be around achieving a good quality of life rather than life revolving around the need to work to chase material things which inevitably fail to provide true happiness anyway.
    As far as Saab is concerned my own feeling is that the company will rise again as a niche manufacturer with a new name but the same original spirit of enterprise and still doing things very uniquely Saab. Indian Chinese owners? It dosent really matter the key will be to develop the new platform and sever all reliance on GM moving forwards. Leasing Shared ownership Rentals reflect the future for car ownership for most of us in these cash strapped times. Happy New Year

  4. Gott nytt år, Swade!

    I say like Sapan D above: I didn’t know you had a blog! I’ll check in regularly from now on. Here’s hoping you’ll have lots of reasons to write about Saab in the months and years ahead.

    Regarding your last resolution: From personal experience, I can strongly recommend giving this stuff a try. As you’ve spent quite some time in Sweden recently, you may already have heard of it. It’s turned into quite a craze here (and is actually starting to show as a positive change in the national obesity statistic). Do check it out, you won’t regret it!

  5. Ha, I knew you could not stay quiet for long!
    Happy New Year Swade.

    You, too 🙂 – SW

  6. Happy New Year, Swade!

    It’s a bit late, but hey, I noticed the existence of this blog today! Nice to see you blogging again! 🙂

  7. Swade,

    Try to find an early 944 without power steering. It will help with two items on your list. You can probably resell it for what you’ve put into it, provided the head gasket is good.

  8. To a year of new beginnings!!

    Let’s see what new adventure shows up in 2012.

    All the best in 2012 and may this be the year you get that 944T or 911 you have been keeping an eye on for the last decade or so.

    Who knows… maybe this will be Carlton’s year also.

    All the best.

  9. Swade,
    If you turn back to the pace you maintained while running trollhattansaab & saabsunited, your family will suffer again.
    I’m curious how it turns out and wish you all the best.
    Happy new year !

  10. Welcome back Swade. I just found your new blog via your crosspost at SU. Really good to see your fine writing again. I’m in!

    One question that popped into my head as I read this – what happened to your fabulous Monte Carlo? You had done a good bit of work to it as far as I recall. Hope it went to a similarly devoted owner.

    (a belated) Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Richard. Welcome!

      The Monte was sold in May 2011 to a new owner in Melbourne. He’d had a Monte in years past so was very excited to get one in his garage again (especially one with that much work done!)

  11. Awww, Swade. I was DELIGHTED to find your hint at SU about your new blog. I knew it’d come, and I knew I’d enjoy it 🙂

    Bah, Facebook–is what I say. Sure, use it as a tool to keep people informed of updates to this blog or whatever. Your style of writing would be wasted in that cluttered, caffeinated hell hole. Your work belongs in mediums like this–tidy, relaxing and ready to be enjoyed (hey, your writing reflects its medium ;)).

    Still, stick to your own advice and not let your family and friends feel your absence like before. I imagine your writings are compulsory (and I’m much too greedy to suggest you stop altogether), but I’d say run the risk of not capturing an idea for an article if it can be better enjoyed with family and friends.

    Take care and best wishes in the new year.

    Jason_S – Los Angeles, CA.

  12. Things have been pretty exciting 2011 (good & bad). Wishing more of the good less of the bad 2012.