Brexit schmexit! It’s time for Swexit.

I’m sad to report that in the next few months I will leave my employment at Koenigsegg Automotive. I will leave Sweden. And Europe. I’ll really miss my colleagues at Koenigsegg. We’ve done some amazing things together. World record things. Breaking-the-mold things. My first day at work we broke the 0-300-0 km/h record with the One:1. A few months earlier we’d broken the lap record at Suzuka Circuit. A few months later we broke the lap record at Spa. We took the 0-400-0 record by six seconds just three weeks after Bugatti set it. A month later we sliced an […]

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Sweden Diary – Day 4 of my visit to Trollhattan

Saab V4 compressor

Yesterday was a busy day and a very enjoyable one. I’ll write more detailed notes on the visits at a later date, but there’s a summary below. I guess the dominant feeling from this visit, aside from the happiness at being back here and seeing colleagues and friends again, is one of sadness. I’m coming to a better understanding of the personal loss that I’ll have in my own life by not being able to pursue my career with Saab here in Sweden. This job would have been fantastic and that’s a significant loss in itself, but more than that, […]

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Sweden Diary – Day 2 of my visit to Trollhattan

Trollhattan in the snow

I guess it’s appropriate to diarise this trip, eh? I didn’t do a Day 1 diary, but for those who’d like to know, I visited Polestar and then got on a train to Trollhattan. That’s about it (more on Polestar later, but that’s it for now). To be honest, most of Day 2 was pretty boring. I watched a few videos and tried to figure out how I’m going to pack all the stuff I have to take home into two suitcases. I went shopping, ate some food and got ready for the evening’s entertainment. There are two reasons why […]

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