Poll: How long have you been a Saab owner?

In this week’s poll, I’m interested to find out whether you’re new to Saab, or if you’ve owned Saabs for a long time. We know that we have a lot of passionate long-term Saab fans out there, but it would be interesting to know the spread amongst the readers here at Inside Saab.

UPDATE – There’s been some talk in comments on how to interpret the question. The intention when I wrote it was based on “when did you get your first Saab” and calculating the time from then until now. Of course, if you bought your first one in the 1970’s and had non-Saabs for 20 year between then and now, you may want to take off the non-Saab years from the total. In that case, you might want to fill out the story in comments (as some have already done.

Please click away, and if you’d like to share more about your ownership experience (e.g. the number of Saabs you’ve owned, the models, your first Saab) then the comments section is open.

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  1. Saw my first Saab in 1957 as a high school student.  My dad bought a brand new 1959 93b for my brother and I do drive to school.  It was either this or a VW and the Saab was better in New England.

    I bought my first one in 1962 with my money….a 1969 95 wagon.  The owner thought the trans was bad and sold it to me for spare parts.  I changed the inner half shaft with a $10 junkyard part and I had a runner!!  A 1966 96 was my college graduation present from my parents.  My dad bought it as a demo from his friend who was then a dealer for $1300 USD.  Had 4000 miles on it.  I drove this car for years!

    The rest are all 4 strokes and all turbos…..another 8 more cars.

    Swade…..this poll is a great idea…….I am anxious to see the results when you have a good sampling!

  2. First of all my father’s ones (anyway, I consider them “mine” as I alway had the “permission” to drive them…)
    ’83 900 SE Turbo 8v Sedan’87 900 SE Turbo 16V Sedan’91 9000 Turbo 16V’96 9-5 Turbo 16V (LPT)’01 9-3 1.8t Sedan
    The first one was destroyed in an accident, a full loaded truck hit the car from behind in the fog and then the car was ending just behind rear seats… my father went home safe and sound, just a bit of head ache…
    and then my own ones…
    ’95 900 SE’00 9-3 SE Turbo 16V’05 9-3 Sedan 1.9 TiD’06 9-3 Sport Hatch 1.9 TiD
    ’11 9-5 Aero 2.0T
    It’s 10 cars and about 30 years…
    p.s. I don’t see how to poll.

    1. > I don’t see how to poll

      I had to delete the cookies from the former polls before i could vote, seems to be a problem there.

  3. My first SAAB was a 99 LE (118 hp injection engine) that became mine after my father died. The model year was 1973 and I drove this car for a couple of years. And after 26 years I still regret that I sold this car.
    I have also been a owner of a 1999 9-3 2.2 Tid. Today I drive a 2002 9-5 2.0t SportCombi upgraded with Hirsch sportchassis.

  4. It was a bit hard to vote. I’ve been own tree Saabs in total, two vintage Saab 96 two stroke as hobby cars. But my current 2010 Saab 9-3 1.8t BioPower Sport Sedan is my first all-new Saab, so I clicked 0-3 years 🙂


  5. First Saab was a 95 two-stroke which I had from my farther in 1977 when he bought a 99.

    I have owned:
    95 two-strok 1966
    96 V4 1973
    99 1973
    9000 1987
    900 T16 1984 Abbott tuned to 230 hp
    9-5 Estate 2000

    Present cars are 9-3 sportcombi 1,9 TiD 2008 140 hp Hirsch and a Sonnett III 1970 which I have had since 1988.

    Next car will hopefully be a 9-5 TiD Sportcombi 2012

  6. ’00 9-3 SE Turbo Convertible
    ’03 9-3 Aero 2.0T
    Still have the Aero, but it was a lemon of a car. Spent more time in the garage in the first 3 years than me driving it.

    Had the following changed:
    electric window motors, 
    sunroof motors
    complete sunroof
    traction control unit – very nasty as it kept failing on roundabouts. 5 trips to saab before they changed the unit, an nothing was ever logged in the computer log
    steering lock
    fuel pump – out of warranty but 5 days, but saab fixed for free, as had had problem with engine cutting out all the time.
    5 cd autochangers
    front springs
    wiring loom for self-levelling lights – nasty as was 1 month old and got stuck in the up position while driving at 2am in country roads. 
    petrol flap – as it just dropped off one day
    cup holder – as damaged by the garage

    And the worse thing was the front wing got damaged by the garage, and bodged.

    Quality control was shocking.

    Apart from that quite happy with it at the moment.

  7. Interesting to see that the majority are short term owners 0-3 years. Like myself.
    Perhaps a latent love and need for a Saab And awakened by the nearclosedownstress last year?

  8. I marked the range which included 6 years as that is literally how long I have been the owner of a Saab to date but my first was a MY92 9000 CS 2.0lpt which I owned from December 1994 to March 1998 and my current model is a MY06 9-3 Vector 1.9TiD [150bhp] which I purchased in July 2008 so it could have been over 16 years, depending on how you interpret the question.    

  9. My first car was a 1966 95 two-stroke. 
    Since then I’ve had plenty of 96 two-stroke, 96V4, 95V4 (1700cc!) and a 900i -1988.
    My current cars are 93b -58, 96 -61, 96 -69, 95 -69 and 9000CD2.3 -1990.
    There is unfortunately no turbo in my car history. That must change. 🙂

  10. Saw my first Saab in 1961 while in college in Pittsburgh, PA and thought “What a junker, smoking and sputtering like that.” I had no clue about 2-strokes and had no idea I would be totally bewitched by the cars later when I bought my first 1966 96 2-stroke in 1967. I later bought the first 99 delivered to the Canfield, Ohio dealer in late 1968 (I think). Have to admit I had a 20 year hiatus and skipped the 900 and OG 9-3 models, mostly driving American junkers.

  11. Wish I could answer that poll but…
    I havent actually had a Saab of my own (yet) even though my history with Saab goes 30 years back. My father bought his first Saab in 1981 when I was 6 years old. It was a 3-door 900 EMS. He later bought a 1987 3-door 900i in withch I later lerned how to drive. He kept that car as a second car when he bought his third Saab and stilll is the owner of that car. I used to share it  with my sister until 2009 when I bought my first car of my own. My sister and her fiance is still using that old 900 as a second car to their 9-5. Even though I´m still a Saabnut driving a 3-door Combicoupe. My first was not a Saab! It is a (M.Y 2004) Audi A3. A good rightsized car for me but it is no Saab 🙁 

  12. I bought my first Saab, a demo 2009 9-3 XWD sedan, in March 2010. I’m smitten 😉

  13. I became addicted to Saab back in 1985 when I attended a Saab owners convention in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania with my father-in-law.  In 1986 I bought my first Saab; a 1986 base 900 4-door w/ 5-speed tranny.  I drove it until 2002 when I purchased a 1999 9-5 Sport Combi.  My son drove the 900 till 2006 (~165,000 miles).  Sold it when he entered the US Navy.  January 2010 I sold the 9-5SC (~120,000 miles) and took posession of a new ’09 9-3SC.  I’ve been to several Saab owners conventions and participated in many local Saab club events. When I retire in maybe 5 years or so, I’ll look into another 9-5SC to use as a cruiser to travel across the lower 48.  Long live Saab! 

  14. Swade -I didnt make it to the poll, but  we are now 27 years and 14 Saabs after our induction into the family. Our newest Saab was delivered just last week, a red 9-3X combi, first one at our new dealership in Seattle. We started out in Sweden in 1984 buying a ‘horrid’ green 99GL combi -a color that may provoke your belly over the limit if you looked saw it  with a heavy hangover. Otherwise we have been thru a host of 900’s and loved them. Wife owns a ’93 9000 Aero wagon(sweet) and I have traded my E500 Wagon for the new 9-3X. We are waiting to see the new 9-5 wagon.
    Jan Ohrstrom, Seattle

  15. Weird thing is I can’t vote, despite the fact that I haven’t voted yet.
    Anyway, on my 3rd Saab now (all company cars). First one an OG 9-3 (2002), then two 9-3 SC’s. So that makes it 9 years.

  16. I had a 99 for a few years back in the early ’80s but then drove Volvo’s.  Bought a 2001 9-5 combi in 2007 and added a second 9-5 combi in early 2009. Got my Sonett a little over a year ago.  So if we can add it all up I’m around 12 years into car years.  Can I count the four months and counting waiting on the Independence Edition 9-3?   🙂

  17. Hey, why can’t I vote?
    I bought my first Saab in 1982 – a ’73 95 for $600. Ten years old and a rusty worn out beater.
    Fixed everything on that car, and it was a great car. 
    Since then I have owned as a personal car about 27 different Saabs, from the 1964 GT 850 I bought in 1987 for $300 (and still have ) to the 2010 9-3x combi that is the current family car.
    The current Saab fleet includes a ’94 900s v6 with 240,000 miles (the one they made correctly), the ’78 ems with 19 lives, a 94 CV ce restoration project/summer fun car, And the 2003 Aero wagon road rocket (clocked on radar at 141 mph and only a warning! )
    They have all been fantastic cars and have never left me stranded, they always got me home safe and happy, and have provided many great memories of awesome road trips.
    I can’t wait for the next 30 years of Saab driving entertainment!

  18. We’ve owned 7 Saabs in 25 years, 4 of those 25 years we were without a Saab. Ours have all been great cars to own and drive. We look forward to owning our next new Saabs.

    78 99 EMS 3 door hatch
    93 900 Turbo 3 door hatch
    94 900 SE Turbo 3 door hatch
    00 Viggen 5 door hatch
    78 99 Turbo 3 door hatch
    02 9-3 SE 5 door hatch
    02 9-3 5 door hatch

  19. Bought in 2003: 1998 Saab 9.3 convertible, monte carlo yellow
    Bought in 2008: 2009 Saab 9.3 convertible, lynx yellow
    This is no typo, 2009 is the model year 😉

  20. Early to mid ,80s I had a 99GL and moved onto a 900 Turbo, both great cars. I didn’t have a Saab during the GM era for a number of reasons. Would like new 9-3 hatch or combi when the new model is released. However could be tempted by the 9-5 combi if the 136bhp version is < 120g Co2.

  21. Got my driving license on November 23rd. 2009. Had read about, and test driven a m98 900s weeks before this. I found it to be most value for the amount of NOK 40 000,-. Bought another one a week later. Some hours ago i received a phone call telling me i now have got a full time job; Can´t wait to buy a newer 9-3, and to visit Trollhättan this summer!

  22. I bought my first Saab in 1988.  It was a used 1984 900 Turbo which is still one of my favorite cars.  I’ve owned a total of 8 Saab cars including my two current cars – a 2008 9-5 2.3T and a 2010 9-5 Aero.  I’ve loved all of my Saabs.

  23. Evan H.
    In early 1960, I was considering a VW.  My fiance (now my wife of 51 years) said she wouldn’t go out with me if I bought a VW.  In March 1960, I bought a 1958 93B with 12,000 miles SHOWING–from the split boots and worn out rubber in the brake pedal, it may well have been 112,000!  SAABs that I remember owning include a 1960 GT 750, a 1959 93B, the first brand new one–a 1964 96 four speed, a 1966 Special (GT engine in a standard body), an EMS, several others–most recently a 1992 9000, a 1999 9-5 wagon, a 1999 9-5 sedan, and currently a 2010 9-3X wagon.  The 95 wagon is still here in our son’s hands, too.  Before we traded off the 9000 and the 9-5 sedaan toward the 9-3X, our total mileage on the 3 was 663,000 miles.

  24. My 1st car was a 1960 93F with an 850cc engine transplant. Bought it for $250 USD in October 1969. My current Saab is a 1996 9000 Aero. There are several Saabs of various vintage in the yard, from a 1960 93F ice racer to a 1992 900S ChumpCar racer.

  25. The first Saab I saw as a kid was a stroker Sonett II in my hometown.  In the past 21 years, I’ve had 11 Saabs, starting with a very rusty $400 ’79 900 EMS in 1990. From there, I’ve had a ’75 99, ’80 900T, my first ’86 9000T, immediately followed by a ’93 9000 Aero, then an ’01 9-5 Aero (bought new, still my primary car @300k miles). Along the way other Saabs have come and gone including a couple more 9000Ts (I have another ’86 in the garage), a 900T CV, ’69 96 V4 and a ’99 9-5SE.

  26. In 2001, I got my first new 9-3.  Again in 2005 and 2008.  This week,  I will have my fourth one, a 9-3 Aero 2.0T.

  27. First SAAB wasn’t the best one, a 900 GL MY-81. Rust was the middle name….But I got it in 1991 and the car had been running in the west coast of Sweden. The cars usually disintegrate in 10-15 years there due to salty roads and salt from the sea.
    I had some Mercs and Fords for some time.

    Since then I’ve bought a:
    * MY-87 900i Sedan in 1994
    * MY-90 9000i CC (still in the family) in 1996
    * MY-98 9-5 SE sedan in 1999
    * MY-04 9-5 Vector 220 in 2004
    * MY-08 9-3 TTiD Aero in 2008
    * MY-11 9-5 TTiD Aero XWD in 2010 and this was a promise to SAAB and ourselves: if they survive GM, we will buy their best diesel. We decided that this car was ours during the Frankfurt auto show in 2009. And we took delivery in November 2010.
    * MY -91 9000i CC in 2011, this is our first second car and is a nice cargo hauler. It has 300 000 km on the clock and still going strong. It even uses less gasoline than our brand new 9-5 diesel! Way to go!

    We WILL be back for more SAABs, but not in the coming years. We need to do other things with our money for a while…J

  28. I had already voted as a 2008 95 wagon owner ( my 3rd )  , but had to revisit to vote now that my wife has just bought a brand new 93 wagon TTiD.

    I’m still waiting for prices in the UK on the new 95 SC so that i can order my new company car. So much better than all the Audi’s and BMW’s in the car park at the office.  Heads turn with a Saab !!!!

  29. Wow,its looking amazing.I love this car.The picture of this car is too good.Well written article.Thanks for sharing this article with us. Its great.Keep sharing with us.

  30. My very first Saab was a (now almost legendary) 99 Turbo, red, 3-dr.
    Coming from a boring but reliable 1.6 Mitsubishi that 99 was quite a thrill…
    The power of that car was, at the time, amazing!
    Many 900s, 9-3s and 9-5s followed, but only the 9000 2.3FPT could equal the sense of ‘forward thrust’ of my first Saab.

  31. Bought my first 99 in 1972 as a European delivery. Pick-up in Amsterdam amidst the hippy backdrop (after all, I was one too) Drove about 5000 mile, even though communist Eastern Europe). Got a lot of attention in that car!
    ’78 99 ’83 900’87 900 Another European delivery; honeymoon trip (wife’s car); pick-up in Sweden; 3000 miles in Europe.’89 9000 Aero, now buying two at a time for the family’96 9-5 2000 9-52002 9-52005 9-5 Aero2008 9-5In 2010 when Saab’s future was in doubt, and my last Saab lease was up, and I switched to a leased MB C300 Sport. Nice car, but miss my Saabs. I SHALL RETURN!
    Kef107 (aka Elliot, Boston, USA)

  32. My first car was a Saab 9000 2.0T -90 (2004-2006)  after that one i was in love with SAAB 😛

    2006-2007 Saab 900 2.0T -94
    2007-2010 Saab 9-3 2.0T -00
    2010 –  Saab 9-3 Vector/Hirsch SportCombi -08a   will trade this car in when saab releses the new 9-3SC in the future 😀

  33. Hello from France,

    I bought my first SAAB in Denmark, at Kobenhavn in 1990. It was a new white 900 T16 (175ch) 3 doors combi. A few years later I bought a white 1990 convertible T16-S (185ch) at 90 000 km. I was so proud with my 2 white Saabs. Unfortunately, my wife had a accident with the coupé because of the cat in 1997 and I had a big accident with the convertible on the peripherique of Paris on a winter sliding morning in 2003. We had also for some time a 900 T16 sedan but I did not like it very much and sold it. So after, I had no more Saabs nor any cars at all. So I had to buy a Peugeot 406 V6. Although, it was good car, I could not get used to it for reasons I can’t explain with my poor english. I sold it for a Mercedes C220, then sold it for a Mercedes R280.
    At this time, I did not like the new “products” of Saab. It was GM with a Saab logo. What I like in Saab is to drive a different car and GM was just making ordinary cars that were so similar to the other cars. With a 900, people are just fan or hate it. There is no between !
    I knew that I would buy a 900 one day and I heard that Saab was about to disappear, I woke up, I bought a 900 T16-S convertible at the end of 2009, sold the Mercedes and bought a 900 T16-S 3 doors combi at the beginning of 2010. They are both dark grey and from 1991. Last summer, we went to Italy with the convertible. It was just great. The children (12 & 10 years old) love it !
    And to finish, I bought the new Saab 9-5 Aero 220ch Biopower last november. Although, this car is born under GM period, we can feel the Saab spirit blowing ! The windshield and other details have the 900 as a reference. I really love the line an what a pleasure to be at the wheel  ! So, now I have 3 Saabs. Maybe the beginning of a collection…


  34. I bought my first Saab in Australia in November 1987.  It was an 11 year old 99 EMS 2 door.  Unfortunately it had been a bit neglected and cost a bit to fix, but I still loved it.  Actually I was quite upset when I sold it in mid 1990 to go to the UK on a 12 month working holiday.  I looked at buying several Saabs whilst in the UK, but ended up buying a Rover which was a disaster.  When I returned to Oz, I briefly owned a Triumph 2000 before I saved another 1976 99 EMS which was headed for the scrap heap the next day.  It wasn’t as pretty as my first one, but it needed less mechanical work and it drove well.  I ended up keeping it for 4 years.

    I intended to replace the 99 EMS with a 3 door 900 EMS, but this slightly out of my price range and I ended up with a 1984 3 door SE Turbo ( two tone – called ‘Lux’ in some markets.).  I kept that car for nearly ten years and always intended replacing it with a 900 T16 S Aero, but sadly that never happened.  I eventually replaced it with a 1997 900S 2.3 Talladega coupe.  This was another neglected Saab and unfortunately a costly mistake.  I kept that car for 3 years and replaced it with my current car, a 1999 900 SE Monte Carlo HOT coupe, which is quite possibly the best car I have owned.  

    I’m afraid I’ve never really liked the 9-3SS.  Too many doors and no hatch!  Hopefully the current 9-3’s replacement will eventually come in a 3 door coupe.  If so, this will be my first brand new Saab.  In the meantime I’m quite happy with my Monte.

  35. Saabs owned since June 1980 in chronological order:

    1976 99 GL 4 (1st car)
    1974 99 LE Wagonback
    1979 900 GLi
    1985 900
    1972 99 EMS
    1988 900 Turbo
    1980 99 GLi (Midnight Blue)
    1962 96
    1993 900 S
    1995 9000 CS
    1994 900 S NG
    1995 900 Turbo NG
    1997 900 Turbo NG
    1992 900 S CV
    1980 99 GLi (Dorado Brown)
    1979 96 Super
    2007 9-5 Aero Combi (60th Anniv)
    2009 9-3 SC Aero XWD (Current)
    1980 900 Turbo 5 Door (Current)

  36. i have known Saab since 1983. we then moved to Hilversum, where our neighbour across the street, being a CEO/COO at the local fire dept., drove Saabs 900. my first Saab is a black 1993 9000 CD Griffin. the former owner bought her in Belgium, moved to Munich, Germany, and took the car with him. but after 4 months he hadn’t driven her yet. so he decided to hand it over to someone who would take good care of her, which turned out to be me… the car cost me € 0.00 to buy, but i had to pick it up in Munich and drive her home, have it registered, pay tax (of course) and replace the brake at the right front wheel…i have this great car since 2009, but she needs an oil ring replacement in the auto-gearbox (or better: a new gearbox).
    my other Saab is a 1986 9000 CC 2.0i, Odoardogrey. this one was spotted on the Net by people at Saabforum.nl, but no-one took the initiative to go and get it…so I did. on June 13th she turns 25 and she has done only 143.000km.

    i am still thinking of buying a NG900 Convertible, but i think the gearbox problem of the Griffin has priority. further more: what to do with 3 cars? and where to park them?

  37. I bought my Glacier Blue 2004 9-3SS in August 2008 and have been in love with it ever since but my interest in Saab started thirty years ago when one of my highschool teachers turned up in a 99T. My dream Saab? A 900 T16S/Aero/SPG preferably in black!