Saab photo update from 2011 Mille Miglia

I don’t have any details or stories to share, but it certainly looks like the team at Mille Miglia is having a good time. The cars and the scenery both look breathtaking.

The following photos just arrived in my inbox, directly from Italy…..

Peter Backstrom (left) and Mats Fagerhag talk to the crowd. Mats is driving the Saab 93A that Peter helped to prepare for the event.

Mats Fagerhag looking cool in the Italian sunshine….

The Saab 93A being driven by Hans Hugenholz along with a Saab 9-3 Independence Edition Convertible…..

The Mille Miglia entry from Behermans in Belgium, with the Saab Museum entry in the background…..


Remember to keep checking in with SofieFromSaab on Twitter. She’s posting live occasional updates along with images from the 2011 Mille Miglia.

We’ll have full coverage of the event after it’s completion on the weekend.

Saab Up!!!

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  1. Every photo of a 93A in action, whether at the Mille Miglia or elsewhere, needs a sound track to make it complete. 

  2. I want a t-shirt like the ones Peter and Mats are wearing.
    Are they for sale?

  3. So cool and very nice pictures.  I especially like the one with the 9-3 IEd Convertible and the cream yellow 93A – my father had exactly that car in the 50’s and we went on holiday to Italy in it.