How long have you owned a Saab? One man's story….

I posted a poll late last week asking people how long they’d been a Saab owner. I’ll get to the results of that poll tomorrow, but first I want to thank everyone for their input in comments. There were some wonderful Saab stories there.

I’ve picked out one in particular and contacted the writer seeking his permission to post here on the front page. It’s a wonderful story that I think a few people will relate to. An early connection, a hiatus, some classic Saabs and a new one as well. It caught my eye and I thought a few of you might enjoy it too.

The writer’s name is Xavier and I thank him for sharing his story on site.


Hello from France,

I bought my first SAAB in Denmark, at Kobenhavn in 1990. It was a new white 900 T16 (175ch) 3-door combi. A few years later I bought a white 1990 convertible T16-S (185ch) at 90,000 km. I was so proud with my 2 white Saabs. Unfortunately, my wife had a accident with the coupé because of the cat in 1997 and I had a big accident with the convertible on the peripherique of Paris on a winter sliding morning in 2003. We also had a 900 T16 sedan for some time but I did not like it very much and sold it. So after this, I had no more Saabs, nor any cars at all. I bought a Peugeot 406 V6. Although it was good car, I could not get used to it for reasons I can’t explain with my poor English (you’re doing fine, your English is a gazillion times better than my French – SW). I sold it for a Mercedes C220, which I then sold for a Mercedes R280.

At this time, I did not like the new “products” of Saab. It was GM with a Saab logo. What I like in Saab is to drive a different car and GM was just making ordinary cars that were so similar to the other cars. With a 900, people are a fan or they hate it. There is no between!

I knew that I would buy a 900 one day and I heard that Saab was about to disappear, so I woke up and I bought a 900 T16-S convertible at the end of 2009. I sold the Mercedes and bought a 900 T16-S 3-door combi at the beginning of 2010. They are both dark grey and from 1991. Last summer, we went to Italy with the convertible. It was just great. The children, who are 12 & 10 years old, love the car!

And to finish, I bought the new Saab 9-5 Aero 220ch Biopower last November. Although this car is born under GM period, we can feel the Saab spirit blowing! The windshield and other details have the 900 as a reference. I really love the line and what a pleasure to be at the wheel!

So, now I have 3 Saabs. Maybe the beginning of a collection…



And here are Xavier’s Saabs. Definitely a collection, if you ask me, and a very fine collection, too. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Welcome back to Saab. Nice start for a collection already. 🙂
    And although you don’t like GM Saabs, they are great cars, too…
    (in my humble opinion)

  2. Ah….the new 9-5 in beautiful Fjord Blue.  It looks very nice along with the two 900’s in grey.