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Welcome to the weekly roundup of Saab links we enjoyed reading this week at Inside Saab.


A bit of internal follow-up first…..

The Lime Yellow Saab 9-3 Convertible Hot-or-Not poll has confirmed that the color, now no longer available on the convertible, to be officially HOT.


Internal follow-up #2…..

An addendum to recent stories about the genesis of the Saab Convertible. This came in from Ed Iawanicki, a former employee of Saab in the USA back when the convertible was launched.

….I had to pick the car up from a photography studio in LA and drive it to Carson on a Sunday morning – this car was supposed to be secret and here I am driving down the 5 in a one-of-a-kind 900 convertible in a VERY cool color (that was never used in production) with the top down because at that point it wasn’t too clear if I put the top up that it would go back down. I was 21 years old and never so paranoid about my driving as I was that morning. Steven Rossi used to refer to it as “my girl Pearl”. 26 years later and I remember it like yesterday.

A great memory and a great story 🙂


To our friends down the road at Volvo, your decision to abandon the wagon market in the United States has been noted.


Speaking of Saab wagons, ABC News reports that the Saab 9-3 SportCombi has been noted by the IIHS in the United States as being one of the 15 safest SUV’s on the market there.

Personally speaking, I’m a little surprised by the SUV classification for that car, but we’ll take it.


Till72 over at Saabs United had the opportunity to take the Hirsch Performance Saab 9-5 for a spin and it’s fair to say that he enjoyed the opportunity.

Readers might like to note the carbon leather dashboard Hirsch installed, as well as the very subtle, but tasty body kit.

Hirsch Performance are the only official Saab tuning house and modifications by Hirsch retain the vehicles factory warranty.


This could well be my favourite classic Saab (cue Clarkson voice) ……. in the world. I filmed it whipping past everyone at the Kinnekulle track back in 2007 and this photo is from the very same track – this morning.

It’s an early 1970’s Saab 99 fitted with a 16V turbo engine and making somewhere around 300hp.

I was meant to be at Kinnekulle today, too, for a Saab Turbo Club of Sweden event, but a time mixup saw me miss it. The photo was sent to me this morning by Peter S, the owner of Saab tuner Speedparts (his brother owns this 99 and Peter has a matching one in the same spec, but in red).

Wish I was there.


I’m in for a long drive tomorrow and there’s even a chance I’ll get to stick my head in and see this: The Umeå Institute of Design Degree Show.

It’s 900+ kilometers north of where I’m sitting right now, but I’m heading up close to Umeå to help a friend pick up his Saab 9-5 (a long, sad story involving some ice and a telegraph pole).

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  1. So you are going to Umeå, no less. The city of birches. My home town !!
    Lovely place. Especially this time of year 🙂
    I’m going myself for my vacation next month.

    When driving there, be prepared for an amazing bridge over Ångermanälven.

      1. I saw the new 9-5 for the first time at midnight in Umeå. I had stopped at a StatOil in the north of Umeå to fill upp on diesel when I noticed the car on display outside the dealer nearby. I took pictures of it in the summer light. Magical. 🙂

  2. Any story involving ice and a telephone pole is a sad one. I have one of my own, actually, although it involved an Acura Integra and not a Saab.  

  3. If you look at the IIHS death rate report, the 9-3 4-door isn’t listed as an SUV, it’s listed as a midsize luxury car. Look closer and you will see that it has THE LOWEST DRIVER DEATH RATE OF ALL MIDSIZE LUXURY CARS (caps just for emphasis). That’s pretty darned good for an aging platform! Way to go Saab!