Living in Trollhattan – Wednesday night at the locks

If you’re familiar with summertime in Trollhattan then you’ll already know what this story is all about. If not, then here’s another little snapshot of life in Trollywood.

If you ever come to Trollhattan in the summertime, try to include a Wednesday night in your stay here. Why?

I’m not sure exactly who organises it, but vintage and veteran vehicle owners from the Trestad area (i.e. three cities – Trollhattan, Vanersborg, Uddevalla) hold an informal car show at the locks in Trollhattan on Wednesday nights. Today was the first day of June, the first day of summer, and a Wednesday, so the lads and ladies had their cars ready to show.

I’ll start this entry with what was the end of the car show for me – the more Continental section of the show, where the Saabs were loosely congregated amongst other European makes. Here’s a fine Saab Sonett II to start with (there were no Sonett III’s at the show, nor any original Sonetts, which have actually been there in the past, both a genuine Saab 94 and a very good copy)

This was the third time I’d seen this 99 today in Trollhattan……

There are heaps more photos after the jump…….

The famous Made by Trolls sticker…

Mixed generations and different makes…. all there for the enjoyment of all.

I saw this Saab Sonett II hit a section of open road as it was leaving and I can tell you, the owner was definitely enjoying himself!

A V4 Saab 95….. the only one I saw today

An early plugin hybrid Saab???

A wonderful little sticker advertising Saab’s ‘new’ dual circuit brake system from the 1960s.

An arty photo of the Saab Sport stroker on display…..

And the engine in the same car….

It would be a little harsh if we didn’t acknowledge some of the other fine Swedish steel on display tonight…..

The beautiful Volvo P1800:

And another….

I’m not familiar enough with my 1970s Volvos to identify this one (an early 144 perhaps?), but I know it looks pretty darn tidy…..

Sweden has a huge section of the population that’s right into Americana from the 1950’s, 60’s and the muscle car era of the 70’s. There were a good number of cars from this period present tonight, including an impressive collection of Ford Mustangs of all ages.

My personal favourite from today’s American display was this Oldsmobile. The attention to detail on this car was astounding…..

And check out the tail……

Further along and up a hill was this nest of Triumphs, including one British-inspired model with a Swedish surprise!

Nestled in amongst those sportsters was this Lotus7 inspired kit car…..

It’s called a “LoCost”, which I assume refers to the comparatively modest entry price compared to the car it’s modelled on. Notice anything familiar? It’s not just these, which I’m sure I’ve seen on a Saab 9000 somewhere before…..

There’s also this…..


As I said, Wednesday night at the locks in summer is always a treat for car fans. If you’re ever planning a trip here during the warmer months, make sure you include a Wednesday if you can.

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  1. Awesome photos, beautiful cars! Thanks for inviting us along for a summer evening’s stroll, Swade.

  2. Volvo 142.
    Volvo 1XX series, 4 cylinder engine, 2 doors.  The 4 door is the Volvo 144.  The 5 door (wagon/estate) version is a 145.  There was a beautiful example of this car at Swedish Car Day in Brookline, MA last summer in the form of a red 142GT.

  3. Nice cars and looks like a great setting.  I love cruise nights. We have had two local ones in my area of Massachusetts.  I heard the police have put a stop to one of them this summer due to traffic congestion so the other one is going to be huge. Mostly Detroit iron and hot rods but my Sonett always draws a lot of interest.

    1. It’s a magic setting, Jim.  Compact, personal and picturesque.  No Sonett III’s there this week, either.  Your car would get lots of looks here, too.

  4. Swade, do you ever wonder why we are obsessed with cars?, okay….. stylish cars, Scandinavian cars, cars that are different. AreMen

  5. Thanks again for a peek into life in Trollhattan. A question about the way Volvo owners are viewed in Trollhattan: I would think every non-Swedish car would be a neutral choice, but in a city so dedicated to Saab, are Volvos and their owners looked at with disdain or resentment? It would sort of be like living in Melbourne and sporting Geelong Cats swag, as if to prove you weren’t on board with the home town team. Just wonder how the Trollhattanites view that, or perhaps they are too polite to take issue with it.

    1. Not really an issue, Pierre.  Although it’s mostly Saabs here, there are many people employed by Volvo Aero as well, whose plant is right next door to Saab.  Not related to the cars division, I know, but it softens the blow a bit, I guess.

      Personally, I sneer at Toyota drivers here 😉

  6. Will You be there next wednesday Steven? If so, go to Slusscafèt(Lockscafe) an buy a shrimp sandwich. They are well known in Trollhättan for there shrimp sandwich. 😉

  7. Dear Steven,a0just wondering whteher GM is concerned with their business risks i.e. producing and selling cars (which I believe is not impacted by the latest SAAB movements at all), or intellectual property? I would assume that the current 9-5 and 9-4x SAAB vehicles do share a lot with existing GM platforms, so IP rights protection here might be affected by ownership handover That was the very first thing I thought about reading the PR regarding MoU with PangDa & Youngman, and sadly this aspect seems being in GM’s agenda either. Tough question is whtehera0investors from China are still committed toa0SAAB brand with no or restricted IP rights or whteher it is IP that attracts them most