Video: Saab 9-5 SportCombi crash test

There’s nothing at Saab that’s treated more seriously than the safety of our customers. It’s one of our core values and part of the Swedish philosophy that’s incorporated into every car that we design and build.

Our next vehicle release is the much awaited Saab 9-5 SportCombi and earlier this week (not even two days ago as I write this), Saab did a frontal offset crash test on the 9-5 SportCombi. The test was done at 65km/h and was performed to EuroNCAP standards, with four ‘occupants’ in the car.

I was fortunate enough to get along to the crash lab and record this video of the test. Many of you might have seen videos from the IIHS or EuroNCAP before, which tend to be slo-mo and soundless. This video doesn’t have the same angle they use because there are safety concerns governing where I could stand with the video camera, but it’s 100% live and you’ll get the same visual and aural experience that I had.

Note the intact cabin and A-pillar in the post-crash photos because the front of the car absorbed the impact. All airbags deployed as they should have to protect our valuable passengers. One detail that I found interesting….. if you look closely at the still shots, you’ll see that even the turn signals on the mirrors are still working.

We’ll have some more video in the next few weeks showing you some more background material from the crash lab and how various aspects of it work. It’s very interesting and impressive stuff and I’m looking forward to sharing it here on Inside Saab.

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  1. After watching this amazing result – I’m surprised the NG 9-5 did not earn a “top pick” from IIHS?

    1. It can’t get a top pick unless it has the roof crush test.  Would be nice to see the internal numbers go up re: the effect on the occupants.  Structure looks good…

  2. Do we also get that green soft knee protection device shown in the stills?

  3. The yellow interior looks really good ! 😉
    It is incredible how much energy can be destroyed in such a small time frame!! 

  4. You are enjoying this job, yeah?  😉

    Wasn’t expecting the bright illumination but it makes perfect sense for high speed.   Next time try and adjust the video for it in advance if you can.   Very cool though and a very reassuring result!   

  5. Amazing – that the A-pillar is still intact after a head-on at 65 km/h is yet another testimony to Saab’s “Real World Safety”…
    I wouldn’t drive another car…

  6. I noticed the rear is open, the hatch missing. Is this the same at Euro NCAP?

    Impressive Real Life Safety!