Saab’s US chief Tim Colbeck appears on Autoline After Hours


The show is now finished. You can view a replay below or at Autoline’s site. You can also check the Inside Saab twitter feed to read the live coverage.


Autoline is a motoring news service headed up by John McElroy out of Detroit, Michigan.

Autoline After Hours is the Autoline equivalent to MTV Unplugged, with a more casual atmosphere and a focus on detailed questions to the special guest. The show also takes in questions from viewers and right now, AAH has opened the door for Saab fans to ask questions of Saab’s new US chief, Tim Colbeck.

Tim will be appearing on tonight’s show, which will stream live at 7pm ET in the US. From the Autoline Twitter feed……

Send us questions for tonight’s #AAH guest, Saab COO Tim Colbeck, or phone them in at 1-620-288-6546 (1-620-AUTOLIN)

I believe the correct link for the broadcast is here, though there’s nothing about tonight’s show there yet. It will appear just before the scheduled broadcast time.

You can send your questions directly to and include “AAH Question” in the subject line. If you’re a Twitter user, you can also send your question to Autoline’s Twitter account.

It should be interesting to hear what TIm has to say now that he’s had a few weeks behind the wheel. And don’t worry if you miss the live broadcast because all of Autoline’s After Hours shows are archived at that link as well.


Tim Colbeck appears at around the 29 minute mark of the broadcast (you can click the timebar to get straight to that point if you don’t want to watch the preliminaries).

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  1. One of Victor Muller’s best interviews came from Autoline Afterhours.  I personally sent the link to his interview to hundreds of our clients and received some of the best feedback of any ‘mass e-mail blast’ I can remember.  Hopefully Mr. Colbeck nails this one.  I believe he will…he seems to be a straight shooter. I look forward to meeting him in Denver this month.

    1. It’ll be 1am here when it starts.  No way I’ll miss it.  Really looking forward to it, as well.

      And yeah, VM’s appearance was very good.  Was that from Geneva where he followed on from Bob Lutz?  Or maybe it was LA?

        1. OK.  I remember.  He also did a slot at one of Autoline’s Auto Show appearances, but it slips my mind as to which one it was.  Always a good presentation when he’s on.

  2. Glad I didn’t have “quirky” as my word in the drinking game while watching this.  I’d be under the table.  John did OK but that show’s production is just a small step above those craft shows on my local cable local access TV.

  3. Its possibly hard to sell saabishness in a show where the fat cat wears white tube socks and dont mind showing them off. There are of course lots of obstacles ahead for Colbeck but if he really was the one in charge of making a quirky but plain brand successful his new job to sell quirky -and beauty- theoretically should be a walk in the park.  

  4. Loved the informality of the show and the conviction Colbeck demonstrated. 

  5. Mr. Colbeck did a great job. I’m looking forward to seeing the brand’s identity strengthened under his direction in the U.S.  The essence of owning a Saab is hard to define, but if anyone can find the right message to connect with new consumers it’s probably Colbeck.   Just look at what Subaru has become – the Baja and early Impreza were flat out strange (ugly) looking vehicles that still managed to sell with the right marketing.

  6. Tim did OK but he didn’t talk enough about the 9-5. Only in the end, after the show was actually finished, did he talk about it when asked what he was driving, which gave the hosts the opportunity to say how this is a great SAAB. Saab NA has to get drivers in those cars ASAP, specially with the amazing deals waiting out there.

  7. I’m having a really hard time listening to these couch critics, especially the fat guy with the glasses, grumble knowingly about what Saab needs to do, at the same time that they show exactly how little they know about Saab in the first place.  The host of the show had never heard of the iQon system?  Really?
    I think Tim did a great job considering the company he was in.

  8. Mr. Colbeck is probably the best Saab USA COO since Mr. Sinclair.  He has only been with Saab for a month but it sounds like he really knows what he is talking about.  So much better than the previous GMers who used Saab as their stepping stone on the GM career ladder.  

    “Customer profile of Saab owners:   People who are engaged in life.  People who rather collect experiences than collect things.  Those are the types of people who are attracted to Saab.  These are interesting people who lead interesting lives and do interesting things.”

    Great quote, makes me feel proud as a Saab owner and enthusiast.  No more of that quirky stuff.  “Interesting” is much better.

    Too bad that Peter guy (whoever he is) was in the program..  He was just being annoying.

    Kudos to Swade for just reporting this event and not over-analyzing like some of the other sites.  Other media sites just want to make their opinion heard and tell us what to think.  I like to watch these events and form my own opinion.For once I can say I am really confident to see a really good COO at Saab in North America.  It seems like he understands the market, the customers and what Saab is all about.