Best of the Road nears the End of the Road

The Best of the Road teams are now coming close to the end of their journey as they converge on Los Angeles. On Friday, their collective journey will end and one lucky pairing will win $10,000 plus a Saab 9-4x for their work!

Nice work if you can get it, huh?

I hope you’ve been tracking their respective journeys as they’ve covered some amazing places and had some pretty good experiences along the way. I travel a lot by air now, not so much by road, so it’s been good to see people neck-deep in a great road trip. It makes me want to get out and do a bit more driving (and no need to guess as to what particular car I’d be driving!)

I mentioned in our last update that the Fun Finders had the good fortune to hook up with Dimmit Saab in Florida to receive a Saab 9-3 Convertible for the 4th July parade. They didn’t end up driving it, though. They would up being guests of honour in the parade, riding in the back of the Convertible.

And in case you’re wondering how many miles these teams are covering during this trip, here’s the Fun Finders’ map, showing the route taken by them to cover the small towns with the best food.

I’ve really been enjoying the work of the Gone with the Wynns team. They’ve had a heap of fun in their Saab 9-5…..

…… and you can tell from their road-trip slideshow that whilst they can have a fun time, they also know when to take a look around and appreciate the beauty that the road can bring.

Driving is an opportunity to see the country in a way that no other form of travel offers. It is an exploration rather than a destination.

Take a look at their slideshow at this linkplease!

Captain and Clark had a note pop up on their SID unit telling them it was time for an oil change, so they had to make a side trip to Sid Dillon Saab in Lincoln, Nebraska, and have the job done. The dealership was quite excited by the visit, too, as this was the first 9-4x they’d seen on the road whilst they were waiting for their own to be delivered.

Change it up! from Chris Staudinger on Vimeo.

Captain and Clark recently visited Rapid City and from there, took a look over both the iconic Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monument that’s still under construction.

This is the stuff that road trips are made of, if you ask me.

Traveling Jules and Joan have been in Park City, Utah, at what looks to be a sensational year-round facility.

They’ve been a little down on the Saaby content, but are very good at travelling, traveling-with-family and road-trip tips.

The McNavigators left my friend Mike’s hometown in Franklin, TN, and proceeded a loooooooong way northwest to Sandpoint, Idaho.

While there were there, they took their Saab 9-5 up Mt Schweitzer, from which they can see neighboring states Montana and Washington, as well as Canada to the north.

They’re now in Baker City, Oregon, visiting the World Beer Cup(?)

I hope they take some time off before getting back behind the wheel (which I’m sure they will).

The winners of the Best of the Road rally will be announced late on Friday, California time. We’ll publish the outcome as soon as we know it.

If you want to support your favourite team in their bid to win the $10K and the Saab 9-4x, then make sure you follow them on Facebook or Twitter – the links are all here – as your support will help them win.

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    1. It is probably the first oil change for a new engine.  That one is usually sooner than the normal interval as part of the break-in period.

    2. My new 9-5 has only 1600 miles on it yet the oil life indicator sits at 34% which means an oil change is due soon.  However, I contacted my local Saab service department and the rep told me that an oil change is not due until 6,000 miles.  I’m not sure why the indicator is reporting such a low number.

  1. I am glad to hear the winner is getting $10,000 in addition to the 9-4X.  That will certainly help cover their extra income taxes for this year for winning ththe 9-4X and the cash.

  2. Good thing they are arriving on Friday.  On Friday night, Carmaggedon is coming.  That is when the 405 highway shuts down for weekend construction.  One newspaper feared that there would be a 30-60 mile traffic jam.  JetBlue Airways is even offering flights between Burbank (north of the construction) to Long Beach (south of the construction).

  3. Woohoo, I’m taking my own road trip this Saturday in my new 9-5.  I’m driving from Denver, Colorado to San Francisco, California.  It’s a one way trip of 1300 miles or 2100 kilometers.  I’m really looking forward to breaking in the engine and enjoying a nice long drive across country.  The only down side is that I’ll be alone with my mother for the entire trip.  I hope she doesn’t drive me crazy, but she probably will, eh?

  4. Swade, I live half an hour from Park City, UT, and can confirm that it’s a fantastic spot for outdoor activities year round. There are also plenty of Saabs around town.