Wednesday Night at the Locks

I hadn’t been down to the locks for around 6 weeks (here’s the report from last time) but my wife and I headed down last night for a slice of life in Trollhattan in summertime – the Wednesday night car show at the locks.

It was a good night to go, too. The weather was great and the cars were 90% different from last time I was there. It always amazes me how many incredible vehicles are located within close driving distance of this place.

If you ever come to Sweden in the summer (and you SHOULD) then make sure you schedule a Wednesday night in Trollhattan. You won’t regret it.

First up, the Saabs…..

OK, so that’s not a Saab, but it’s an interesting way of introducing the first Saab I saw last night. The DeLorean was, of course, clothed in rust-free stainless steel and last night’s example (the first I’d ever seen in person) did look impeccably clean.

The same couldn’t be said of this very curious looking Saab 9000…..

I never knew it before I moved here – Australia’s a pretty snow-free place – but Saab 9000s do have a tendency to rust in the front wheel arches.

This owner seems to have accepted the inevitable and taken a bold decision and removed all paint from the car, bringing on a completely rusted finish that’s both a horrid sight for a Saab fan, whilst also being a magnificent curiosity piece. It’s almost like an art-car of sorts. I was fascinated.

It should be mentioned that this car wasn’t actually part of the show. It was just parked there amongst all the other visitors. I’m not publishing this to embarrass the owner at all because I didn’t find it embarrassing – I found it fascinating and I was pleased to see that someone had done it.

To some of the more standard offerings….. magnificent as they were

The oldest Saab at the show, without doubt. An early Saab 92.

This is the Saab that stole the who show for me, a magnificent black Saab 93F. I just love the red piping around the guards (and wouldn’t mind seeing a special edition with a similar painted effect – just sayin’)

Love the whitewalls on this one, too….

This pristine LE arrived late in the show, but made a very nice impression….


The Americans – If you don’t know already, the Swedes have a certain affinity with classic American metal from the 1950s and 60s. There’s always plenty of this on show and the cars always look amazing.

Ford Galaxy

It’s a looooong way from the back to the front in some of these….

Ford Fairlane

….with an inbuilt record player!!!


And the rest…….. other cars from around Europe.

This car was the highlight of the show for me (aside from the 93F). I’m also a big Alfa fan and the chance to see one of only 998 Alfa Zagato Sprint’s ever built was a rare chance indeed…..

And finally, this BMW Z1 also gave me another first-time opportunity to see a rare car…. and check out the funky doors….

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick look into summertime life in Trollhattan.

Make sure you come and visit. There’s plenty of Saaby stuff to see, but plenty of other good times to be had, too.

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  1. Some good looking cars – and pictures! 🙂
    The black 93, the grey 93, the Alfa and the Volvo Sport (which is one of very few Volvo’s I care about) are all amazing! 🙂
    But you are right: Also the all-rusty 9000 is interesting – and some way even beautiful in its warm tone…

  2. If you get there again…could you hop in the DeLorean, take a short trip to the future and then tell us what Saab will be like in five years? Would be highly appreciated.

  3. Looks like a gorgeous evening, and some truly stunning cars.

    Just for the curiosity value, the rusty SAAB 9000 must have been styled on a BMW I saw a while ago, have seen a few since, but never to this level .You’ll either love or hate it, but very individual as is the SAAB shown.

    Thanks for all the photos.

  4. Thanks for sharing!  Great shots and now I will need to decide between summer or winter in Sweden for some future trip… as the Ice Hotel still calls!

  5. That really looks like a great night out! Think I’ll be a busy man on the 10th of August, when I’m in town in Trollhättan.

  6. Wonderful report……love all those great cars!  And the American convertibles are a treat…..funny how the Swedes are so taken by them.  Thanks

  7. The style of the 9000 is known as “Hood Ride”. It’s gotten popular with the VW and BMW crowd. Cool to see someone’s attempt at hood-riding a SAAB.
    Surprised to see so much American metal over there. Looks like a nice show.