A final word on IntSaab 2011 (with gallery)

I had another extraordinary weekend last weekend, attending the 2011 IntSaab event in Finland. These big Saab meetings are so inspiring. The opportunity to break bread with a big group of long-term and hardcore Saab nuts is one that we should all take advantage of at least once. I’ve been very lucky to do events like these several times now, and it never ceases to amaze or inspire me.

Saab needs its core fan base. We need you to preserve the integrity and history of the brand. Of course, we need you to drive Saabs, both old and new, and as part of that it’s our job to make cars that both adhere to and advance the Saab brand in the future.

I want to thank the Saab Club of Finland for hosting an excellent event this year. The organising team and their volunteers made everything run as smooth as silk and you’ve given me a taste for IntSaab events that will linger and grow as we all wait for next year’s event at Spa, in Belgium.

Below is my final gallery of cars. Apologies if I haven’t got your car in there, but hopefully it’s been shown somewhere in the previous IntSaab 2011 postings.

Click to enlarge.

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  1. So nice to see some early 9000. While the CS body and Aero have a good following, we don’t see too many of the 1986 (in US) to 1990 short body 5-door cars anymore. Such a shame. It was an astonishing car in its time, and despite its heritage, conventional suspension/powertrain arrangement and key placement, I think it is a quintessential Saab. My 1988 9000T was one of my very favorite cars. That car taught me that torque steer is FUN.

  2. Absolutely stunning gallery. Thanks Swade. Again, all about colour and shape. That bright blue 96 at top gets me every time as does the green 95.