Saab 9-5 previewed in Russia

Saab is going to be moving into two very important markets in the new future. Both China and Russia offer huge growth potential for our sales network and last weekend, our Russian importer, Armand Import, held two Saab 9-5 preview events. August 5 was for Saab fan clubs and another event was held for prospective customers on August 8.

I received the following report from Armand earlier today.

As a result of the events on the weekend, Armand collected over 200 completed surveys that will be used for customer profiling, segmentation, re-creation of the customer database and identification of customer preferences in terms of the vehicle trim levels and options offered.

Armand intentionally did not invite any automotive journalists to keep both events exclusive and private. The press will get their turn when the official sales commence. Some bloggers were invited, however, and have posted reviews of the event(s) on their private blogs (see and


The event on August 5th was held outdoors in front of Armand’s dealer center exclusively for the members of Saab fan clubs in Russia. Attendance was via preliminary registration only.

In a wise move, Armand chose to include the administrators of Saab clubs’ in all stages of the event planning so as to build relationships with the opinion leaders and ensure support on Saab forums, auto blogs and social media platforms.

A total of 167 clubs members registered for the event. Invitation and feedback was posted on major Saab clubs’ forums.

Every guest received a gift – T-shirt with Saab and Armand logo. Together with DFI Accessories, Armand arranged for the sale of original Saab accessories during the event with a 15% discount. Complimentary refreshments were served.


The event on August 8th was held indoors from 11 am through 9 pm on the second floor of Armand’s dealer center for prospective buyers by preliminary registration only. A total of 129 prospective buyers registered for the event.

Again, every guest received a gift – Saab water bottle, baseball cap or pen. And again, Armand arranged for the sale of the original Saab accessories during the event with 15% discount.


Thanks to members of the Saab Clubs in Russia and for use of the photos. More great photos here.

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  1. So if Saab moves to China, wont they have to alter their line up to include smaller cars? Are there designs out for that or prototypes that can be viewed? Moving to Russia also seems like something that should have already been done. Was there a reason they hadn’t made a move to that market yet? Perhaps restrictions of sorts…. 

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