At the Saab Owners Club GB annual meet – part 1

Last weekend I had the distinct pleasure of attending the annual meetup of the Saab Owners Club of Great Britain. Th event was held at Haydock Park Racecourse at Merseyside and it was great to see so many beautiful Saabs in one place.

I’ve been the SOCGB national once before, in 2010. There were a few of the same cars as last year, but it was good to see quite a few different cars as well.

The oldies – click the image to enlarge.

Most of us in the enthusiast crowd are appreciators of the older Saab fleet and the English do attention-to-detail as well as anyone else out there in Saabland.

This Saab 95 was so clean – everywhere – that you could have eaten your dinner from any surface you liked (if the owner let you, which he wouldn’t).

Even the springs and hinges are painted and cleaned!

This is about as old-timer as it got last weekend – a Saab 92B. Like nearly every car at the show, it was pristine.

This early Saab 96 stroker caught a lot of attention with its bright red paint in the sunshine.

And I had to do a double-take at the interior. You’d think a guy who grew in Australia would be accustomed to right-hand-drive but I’m so used to seeing 96s in Sweden now that I had to look twice and figure it all out in my own head.

An image that harks back to a day when car companies sold cars with a range of real colors…..

….of course, if people bought cars in great numbers that were painted in something other than silver/black today then companies would produce more colors, but neither party seems willing to do so.

That first car in the row is a Saab 96 Souvenir edition, a limited model of just 150 units, sold in the UK in the late 1970s.

Some more fantastic Saab old-timers…… I love the minilite wheels on a Saab 96.

And this bright blue V4 was an eye-catcher not only for it’s paint….

An early Saab Sport……

And a 96 that’s done the rounds….. I guess it’s one of the blessings of being in a big club with proximity to the continent. Great people to see and great events in the warmer months.

This year’s Top Saab 99, a beautiful 1984 model, which I got to drive home!

This one had some very nice twin pipes at the back and sounded fantastic!

And finally – I got Sonett fever once again. Every time I’m close to these babies I just lose it. I spent a lot of time on the green one, chatting with the owner, etc. Absolutely beautiful and officially on my automotive bucket list.

I want to be in this picture one day…… it looks so “must drive”

One of only 258 ever made……. and gorgeous!


I’ll have more from the Saab Owners Club GB annual event coming soon…..

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  1. You always get to visit such nice places with lots of beautiful Saabs.

    I think, IMHO, this was one of the nicest so far; the guys in GB do know how to take of their cars!

    “Every time I’m close to these babies I just lose it.”
    LOL 😀
    Same here, but I do love the 96 two-stroke.

  2. Great to see so many real, vibrant colors.  I don’t know why the average car buyer wants boring plain and neutral colors these days.  Awesome pictures.

    1. Yes, it’s is so boring in a way… but I also understand it. I would prefer more indivudual colors. Why not a certain color-palette to pick your color from for each year, then each model year will have different colors. Basic black and grey can still be there..

    2. Oh.. and one more thing I thought of.. Saab should at least in all the promotional material never show a black or silver colored car. I would so much love to have all the press photos of say.. a red one instead. Just imagine the press photos of the new 9-5 in a nice red instead of silver. 🙂
      (Tell that to your pr-boss Steven! 😉 )

    3. There was this report about paramagnetic paint a few years ago.  This allows for changing the car color with the push of a button!  🙂   It’s not offered by any manufacturer yet so we may have to wait while.

      I was a bit disappointed to see the 2011 9-4X is only offered in white, silver, black and brown but hopefully they’ll have a Chili/Laser Red or Fjord/Fusion Blue some day.  How about a Lime Green or Independence Amber Orange 9-4X.  Probably not going to happen anytime soon.

      1. Yes, the 9-4x had more colors in line, but due to the situation in Japan they have limited the numbers for the moment. And the current Moorland Bronze isn’t a bad color if I may say so, but I’m also looking forward to a red or blue option. 🙂

  3. Great to see you here again, Steven, and very many thanks for joining us once again and for sharing our event with the rest of the world.  Hope you had a good trip home…just make sure you don’t fall down any holes in the ground!!!

  4. Absolutely friggin brilliant. And this is just up to the 70’s, looking forward to the next segments. 

  5. Regarding the colors:  The car manufacturers drive this (no pun intended) not the buyers.  Manufacturers convinced us that chrome isn’t “cool” anymore (it’s actually too expensive, not uncool) and over time, they’ve made spoilers desireable and then undesireable—-same with flip-up headlights.  On colors—-it’s much easier production when you offer six colors instead of sixteen.  They’ve talked us into a few safe colors: black, white, silver, gray and one or two others—-people would still by vibrant colors if a lot of vibrant colors were still available.  On cars:  If it’s not too late for Saab to survive—-they can succeed again with an entry level car in the U.S.  Make it very basic, but reliable/dependable.  Maybe a knock-off retro exercise of the 96 model shown in some of these photos.  Normally aspirated 4 cylinder engine—think relibability and longevity instead of performance—later a clean diesel.  Keep prices in the U.S. $19,000-$25,000 range.  Compete with Volkswagen instead of trying to compete with BMW.   Oh, and offer it in artic white, black, bright red metallic, dark blue metallic, silver—-and at least two or three “fun” colors that might change year to year.  Start with safety orange, olive green and maybe hazelnut brown.