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I do not know if this is real.

I suspect that it isn’t.

But it’s nice.


Sometimes ‘the social space’ can be tough to deal with. Consumers have a voice through social media and much of the time, they use it to voice complaints or opinions that companies need to address, either to solve an issue or to correct a misconception. That’s OK, we deal with it.

Occasionally you get a social story that shows the way this new medium can be used for good.

Susan Scrupski runs a website called ITS Insider, where she tracks various IT Services industry issues and trends. She’s a heavy-hitter in this space, too, being named one of Fast Company’s most influential women in technology for 2010, and with thousands of Twitter followers, Facebook friends and Google+ listings.

Roger Beasley Saab in Austin, Texas, probably knew none of this when Susan walked into their dealership last weekend to take a look at a car from Saab’s Pre-Owned program. But when they gave her fantastic service and a finance deal that suited her needs (rather than theirs) they won her praise.

I came across Susan’s story from her Twitter feed. She has over 7,000 followers and many of them will have read about it as well. Susan detailed her experience on her personal blog and you can read the whole story there (and I recommend that you do).

Amazing car buying experience at Roger Beasley Saab this weekendTaking It Personal.

The lessons:

  • for customers – it’s OK to use your voice for the power of good.
  • for dealers – you never know who’s walking into your showroom. Always provide the best service you can for the good of the customer.
  • for Roger Beasley Saab – Continue to look after Susan, just as she’s looked after you.

Congratulations to Roger Beasley Saab for earning the shout-out and to Susan on the acquisition of the new-to-her Saab 9-5.


Most of us will have been to car shows in our local areas. Given that this is a Saab website, I imagine most of you would have been to shows where Saabs figure prominently, perhaps alongside many other makes that originate in your country.

When “your country” is Russia, that makes for an exhibition of vehicles that many of us don’t get to see too often.

Yes, there’s a Saab in there, and plenty of other interesting metal as well.


The Saab 9-4x leading a pack at Spa, in Belgium.

Need I say more?


We’ll have more on this in coming days, but for now, if you’re in Great Britain, keep an eye out for the Nomad Theatre, popping up in a place near you.

Here’s what it was like last weekend, at Hampton Court Palace.


From Tobias A, via Twitter:

Wonder if we can expect any news on the current situation from Saab this week? @Inside_saab Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

I’ll tell you all what I told Tobias in response, because I know there are a lot of eyes on the company at the moment.

Officially speaking, we don’t do speculation. We can’t comment on matters that involve potential investors, or matters that are under discussion and incomplete. I try to bring some commentary and perspective from time to time (which some choose to interpret and dismiss as spin, but which they took as insight back in my SU days).

We will always bring you hard news as soon as it’s appropriate to do so.

Stay tuned. We appreciate your concern and support and despite what some say, our executive team are working their tails off to solve our current issues.

If you want to follow Inside Saab at Twitter, it’s @inside_saab.


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