At the Saab Owners Club GB annual meet – Part 2

Yesterday we covered some of the older cars at the Saab Owners Club GB annual meetup at Haydock Racecourse.

Today, we’re looking at the 1980’s and onwards. The cars of this generation are those that will likely be more familiar to the modern Saab enthusiast and the vehicles on show were just as beautifully maintained and presented as the older cars.

The Young’uns

Click any photo to enlarge.

Let’s kick things off with the (second) youngest vehicle at the show, Mike’s 2010 Saab 9-5 in Glacier Silver. I saw four new Saab 9-5s on the roads that day, and all of them were this colour. Obviously, all of them were owners with impeccable taste.

There was another Saab 9-5 at the show, a 2011 model, which was brought along by Graeme Lambert of Auto Express magazine. The vehicle is their long-term tester. And yes, it was also in Glacier Silver 🙂

There were plenty of Saab 900 Convertibles on show and it was the perfect day for some topless exhibitionism…..

I have to draw some special attention to this next one. It was a limited run of convertibles specially made by Saab City, the Saab GB owned dealership in central London. The paint and interior combination was specific to these model and the car was badged as the Diamond Edition. It’s unknown to me how many of these were made or how many still exist, but I sure hope the owner understands and appreciates the rare gem he has there.

And some more modern convertibles……

This one stunned me when I first saw it. Try as I might, I can rarely remember seeing one of these in red (a red Viggen convertible in Minnesota comes to mind, but not much else). I don’t know why there aren’t many of them as this looks sensational.

…..And a beautiful blue Anniversary convertible, or “Cerulean Edition” as it was known in England.

There was only one Saab 9-3 Viggen at the show, in the perfect combination of Lightning Blue paint and 3-door body.

To my discredit, I didn’t get an exterior photo of this Saab 9-5. I can assure you that it was as black as the darkest night, totally spotless, as is the engine bay and interior you can see below.

The ‘Best prepared current production vehicle’ award was one by a Saab 9-3 that was truly magnificent in its presentation. The detail in the engine bay and body kit (carbon fibre) was amazing.

This Saab 9-5 had a very unusual set of almost-Saaby wheels…..

And another very nicely turned out engine bay as well….

Saab 9000s were a little under-represented in terms of numbers (as they often are) but this Aero was a treat….

And this Saab 900 was just plain good fun…… more pics of this one in our final post, coming very soon.


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    I really love the earlier Saab 900 shape. I hope one day a motorsports company has the idea of classic 900 replicas (with Saab Engineering Services participation) ! Same shape but fiberglass body, new chassis, new performance features, etc. Beck 356 Speedster replicas are great cars, I am sure few 900 classic replicas could have the same success. 

  2. Something I have never noticed about RHD until I looked at these pictures (namely the NG93 that won best prepared) is that the gear selector is identical to a LHD. In both applications you slide the lever to the left to shift manually. I find it curious that ‘towards’ or ‘away’ from the driver isn’t standard design. Saves on cost of producing two types of gates? The Cerulean is beautiful!