More pics from the 2011 SOC

It’s approaching mega gallery status here……

More images have come through from our own Stephanie from SCNA, as well as from Greg Abbott, Meg H and Pierre T. You can see Meg’s full gallery of images here.

The feature shots today are the group shots, a tradition at SOC. With and without people….


The gallery is a megamix of images from the people noted above. It’s interesting to see the event from different people’s point of view so I’m very appreciative of all the people who are sending in images.

A slightly interesting ‘aside’ – It’s been interesting to compile these galleries to see what people are photographing. As a Saabologist, it’s been confirmed to me by a whole bunch of polls and discussions that classic Saab 900 is definitely the most revered Saab in the company’s history. And you when people gather at these big events, there seems to be a relatively small number of 900 photos, which older Saabs getting a huge amount of shutter time.

Today’s gallery includes some great shots of Luke Sorensen’s Saab 99 rally car, as well as some photos from the “Heritage Drive” – did you get to drive one of these heritage collection vehicles? – as well as a brilliant image of the yellow convertibles gathered together.

So… is today’s gallery. Again, my thanks to all those who’ve submitted images for use here in Inside Saab. You’ve succeeded in making me extremely jealous once again ūüôā

Click to enlarge……

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  1. NEWS ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!! some one in China has just offered 10,000 for the whole lot in the picture  !! this will maybe pay Victor today . Hope I can soon trade i my 95 for the independance conv

  2. Thanks for the great photos, Swade.¬† I hope to attend the next SOC as it will be much closer to my home.¬† Iowa is only a day’s drive from my house.¬†

  3. I just reached my destination in New Hampshire after a great Convention. It was difficult to to do everything because there was so much fun stuff to do. I finally took a test drive in the 9-4X and what a vehicle–a true SAAB. Also having the 9-5 Combi just completed the whole event.

    The fact that I was overtaken by this black beauty en route in Pennsylvania made it special knowing that it was on its way to New Jersey.

    Next year see you all in Iowa City, Iowa

  4. What a enjoyable day.   The cars were really great but the people were even better ..very friendly and willing to talk about their cars and Saab. 

    The group photo does not do justice to the amount of Saabs and people that were there.. it was taken late in day and I bet a lot people, who traveled across the country, had to get going.

    Highlights for me; watching them load a transmission on a palette into the rear of a 900…really
    is the definition of utility of the Saab hatch.¬†¬†¬†¬† Second one was watching a collection of TurboX’s show up..

    1. About the group photo, RM is correct.  That was probably barely half (or less) of the Saabs that were there.  Originally they had planned to set up the photo in an adjacent parking lot next to an office building where there was plenty of room on a Saturday, but a security guard would not allow it.  (I guess he had not been informed about the convention.)  So, they had to pack the cars into this smaller lot behind the Hilton.  They put in all that could fit, but there were many people who were possibly not around at the time we set up or decided they could not fit their cars in there.

      1. The other point was because this was in the NY Metro area there were more day trippers than ever before. A lot of them left before this photo was finally coordinated.

  5. I’m catching up on others photos now that SOC11 has wrapped up.¬† It was a local event for us – only 15 miles away.¬† You can find Martha C. with her walking sticks in picture 14 and her 9-5 Wagon as the only Saab in the background in picture 16.¬†¬† Her “Wiz” won second place in the People’s Choice event on Saturday.

    It was another great SOC.  The site and weather were great.  Great food for those who registered for the full treatment.  We missed not having Saab folks from Sweden but a full complement of SCNA folks were present to take in the experience, most for the first time!

    Great to see some versions of the group photo.  Now I know if I/9-3 could be seen!  I was helping pack the last Saabs into the back.  As others reported, the space used was limited and there were plenty of other Saabs on site.  But, I know from experience that not everyone bothers to line up their cars for the picture and, in this case, I would venture that anyone who wanted a car included had the chance.  

    One other note, the “Heritage Drive” Swade referenced were the Vintage Drives hosted by the Vintage Saab Club of North America.¬† This has become a recent SOC tradition.¬† The Saabs are owned by members of¬†VSCNA and other¬†clubs.¬†

    In blast from the past news for me, I sold my snow tires and winter floor mats to my prior Saab (a ’98 900S turbo) at the Swap Meet and, to my great surprise, the next owner of that 900 showed up Saturday and, by coincidence, parked it one over from my new 9-3.

    And, the dates for SOC12 in Iowa City are August 2-5, 2012.