US Spec 2012 Saab 9-5 Aero SportCombi

From Justinn, via comments…..

I would love to see more pictures of the NA Spec 9-5 SportCombi!

Ask and you shall receive. Click and you shall enlarge 🙂

I’ll have HEAPS more photos from Saturday at the SOC, tomorrow (getting late here….)

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  1. Can we please have some pix of the updated dash+interior as well?  And maybe some of the cargo bay?  Thanks!

  2. rear windows look bad , the black window trim does not amtch , just shows how far behind the Germans we really are the saloon is nice though ,I bought one !!! 

  3. Thanks a bunch!  I just got a 2011 9-5 Manual, and I hope to add a SportCombi to the stable in a couple years.  That is one beautiful car!