Saab Family Gathering – Suzhou, China

Here in Trollhattan (and in San Francisco, and in Minnesota), October 1st will see the Saabs United Octoberfest events happening.

Coincidentally, there will also be a significant gathering happening in China, with some attendees driving around 1,000km from Beijing to attend. China is becoming a very important market for Saab so it’s great to recognise this event and I look forward to sharing some photos from the gathering as they come in.

Suzhou is a picturesque southern city, around 60km west of Shanghai. It’s expected that there’ll be quite a few Saab fans not only from parts further north, but also from Shanghai and other areas as well.

More details about activities at the event will be released soon and I’ll be sure to help pass the word around here on Inside Saab.

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  1. good to see active saab enthusiasts in China hopefully in the not too distant future we will see a lot more.

    1. China really surprised me back in January last year when we had the Saab Support Convoys.  There were at least five separate gatherings there and some good numbers amongst them, too.  It’s one of our hidden diamonds in the rough.