Saab Club Austria – 25th Anniversary Fall Meeting

The Saab Club of Austria is celebrating its 25th birthday this year!

They have invited the Saab Club of Slovakia along for the celebrations and together, they will take in what sounds like a fantastic meet-n-drive event in the region. The event is taking place on September 10th.

From Alexander K:

We’ll meet at the Marchegg Castle close to the Austrian – Slovakian Border, later cross the border using a small ferry-boat and then have lunch together in the city of Bratislava. Later on we’ll head back to Austria and have a small Rallye (driving using a road-book at a certain av. speed). Afterwards we’ll celebrate together at a tavern.

Photos are expected, Alex 😉

If you’re in the region and want to join in, you can touch base at the Saab Club of Austria’s website. You’ll get appropriate contact details for this event at that link.

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  1. It’s nice to see the local Saab clubs this active.  I don’t think there’s another manufactorer with so much support as Saab.  Let’s hope “The Deal” comes through soon and Saab gets on the road to recovery again.  Saab deserves to have another chance at becoming a successful car builder.