Video: Saab Performance Team "Duet"

Re-postedI put this one up on site late last week but it wasn’t really the best time for everyone to see it. So here it goes for another run!


Kenneth Backlund and Kent Andersson from the Saab Performance Team put on a two-man precision driving show at the recent IntSaab 2011 event, held in Finland.


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  1. Nice video, Swade!  I guess it’s out of the question for my son and I to try this at home, eh?

    1. Ah the Saab Suite! Some time back I had a recollection of seeing and being well impressed with this advert and was chuffed to bits when I found out that it had been produced to promote my favourite car marque.  

  2. These two guys along with their colleagues in the team are great ambassadors for Saab and provide an engaging and entertaining performance.

    Swade, how many people are involved in the Saab Performance Team; working in the background to put show on the road?    

    1. I’m not completely sure, Ron, but I believe there might be 5 or 6 drivers that can perform.  The show has seen up to 5 cars being used in the past.  I might check that out when I next see Kenneth.

  3. Swade, is that you holding the camera near the traffic pylon? at 2:17 it looks a little too close for comfort!  Way to Saab Up! 🙂